What do you know about LOGO display?

As a medium, LED display screens have often appeared in people’s sight, and have been widely used in various industries, such as theaters, stadiums, television studios, exhibition halls, monitoring rooms, conference centers, securities trading , Cafes, hotels, stages, airports, large shopping malls, stations, commercial buildings, government offices and other indoor places. LOGO  LED display is an important part of LED display. So, what do you know about LOGO display?

LOGO display, also known as “LED logo display”, is an outdoor LED display product for the company’s trademark, name, business and other advertising needs. It combines both lighting and display. It is superior to traditional outdoor LED luminous characters. Its appearance corresponds to the corporate trademark and company name. It is unique and applicable for displaying company image, conveying corporate culture, and demonstrating brand value. It brings extraordinary promotion value and advertising revenue to customers .

Outstanding features of LOGO display:

1. LED video logo, a product that combines logo, trademark and advertising, has the value of outdoor LED advertising screens.

2. Compared with the traditional full-color perforated characters, the LED video logo has a long service life, low maintenance cost, high waterproof level, rich display content, and does not affect the cultural significance of the LOGO itself.

3. Using asymmetric energy-saving LED lamp beads, the downward inclination angle reaches 40°, and the energy saving is more than 30%, which ensures the look and feel and display effect, and reduces light pollution.

4. Adopt high-quality driver IC with high utilization, high brightness, high refresh rate, high grayscale, low energy consumption, low residual image, and low EMI.

5. Use ultra-thin, stable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and other high-reliability drive power supplies.



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