What details should we pay attention to when building an interactive floor tile screen?

The interactive floor tile screen is slightly different from the traditional LED display screen. The traditional LED display screen is generally erected in front of people through hoisting, inlay and other methods. The interactive tile screen is laid horizontally on the ground. People can step on it to dance or watch beautiful pictures, and can produce an interactive effect with the human body by cooperating with external radar or infrared. Therefore, it is very suitable to be placed in some tourist attractions or video game cities. So, what details do we need to pay attention to when building such an interactive floor tile screen? Next, let’s take a look.

1、 Field investigation

This means that before the installation of some outdoor LED displays, they should be tested uniformly according to the specific environment, landform, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance capacity and other parameters. In order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, it is required to implement a unified lifting scheme for commanders before lifting and installation, so as to ensure the normal and stable use of the equipment. Near the interactive tile screen, some interference devices should be eliminated as far as possible, or may affect the interactive effect of the interactive tile screen (without affecting the playback effect of LED display).

background wall LED display

2、 LED equipment construction

When building outdoor LED billboards, we should distinguish between wall advertising screens, hanging advertising screens and roof advertising screens. During the actual installation, the crane and winch shall be used for sectional hoisting according to the distance and height, and the above personnel shall cooperate with each other. There is a better installation and use process for the LED advertising screen for high-altitude operation.

3、 Luminous radiation range commissioning

In addition to eliminating the influence of interference equipment, specific radiation range detection is required next. Due to different radiation ranges, the perspective of LED display screen construction is also different. The fixed installation of outdoor LED display screen should be carried out according to the actual acceptance ability and everyone’s normal perspective range, so as to ensure that normal and brightness balanced images can be seen from a distance Caption information.

Schematic diagram of LED radar interactive floor tile screen

4、 Subsequent inspection and maintenance

Subsequent inspection includes such basic parts as LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED surface waterproof coating, rain shielding range above the display, heat dissipation holes on both sides, power supply line, etc. these basic parts and components constitute the whole stable graphic LED display. In the later technical maintenance, unified management and maintenance should be carried out for these parts and components, and the products are rusty, unstable In case of damage, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safe use of the whole display screen.

5、 Save the debugging files

After all the work is completed, remember to save the debugging files. In this way, if there are some exceptions, you only need to load the previously saved files into the debugging software to quickly correct some small problems.



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