What benefits can the Internet celebrity LED interactive floor tile screen bring to businesses?

As a new type of display digital data display technology and equipment, LED floor tile screen has developed rapidly, and has become popular in major enterprise shopping malls and scenic spots, arousing strong interest from many businesses. What is the prospect of the LED floor tile screen project?

LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen

You need to attract the attention of tourists, and the LED floor tile screen will become your artifact. For example, amusement parks, bars, shopping malls, exhibition halls, stages, urban greening, landmark buildings, corporate signs, square markets and auto 4S stores.

  1. Increased passenger traffic

It can bring customers a new and magical travel and entertainment experience, and can also attract customers to play in your in-store venue.

  1. Increase the profit of surrounding stores

It can indirectly increase the flow of people in the store, increase the commercial value of the place, and attract more brands to settle in.

  1. Increase the fun of entertainment

With the help of infrared sensing, the LED display screen of floor tiles with sensor equipment can track the movement trajectory of people and present real-time picture effects that follow human activities, so as to achieve the effects of actors and audience walking, water ripples under the feet, and flowers blooming.

  1. Enhance the gaming experience

When your competitors are still attracting customers with traditional LED screens or posters, you have integrated the entire stage performance into their body and blood, making it easier for customers to remember you.

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially used for floor display. It is specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, heat dissipation performance, etc., so that it can adapt to high-intensity stepping and long-term normal operation.



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