What are the technical requirements for the LED sky screen during the installation process?

The LED sky screen is a new type of supporting display large screen for the decoration of urban landmark buildings such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the ceiling of the building to play a better lighting and rendering function for the indoor and outdoor environment of the decorative LED sky screen. It is also easy to build LED sky screens that are demanding in terms of material use, structural methods, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance. So, what are the technical requirements for the LED sky screen during the installation process?

The proper use of LED sky screens can make customers' feelings multiplied.



With the continuous expansion of the LED sky screen market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry. Compared with traditional LED display projects, LED sky screens have higher requirements for manufacturers’ technology and installation and maintenance. From design, manufacturing to engineering installation, it tests the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. As a high-tech enterprise with more than ten years of experience in LED display industry, Xingjudian Technology provides one-stop service from design, manufacturing to engineering installation.

1) Lightweight and thin Since the project area of ​​conventional LED sky screens is generally very large, installation by hoisting method is a test of the load-bearing structure. Therefore, our company requires the design of LED sky screens to be light and thin. In addition, the design is required to have a beautiful appearance, so that it will add luster to the entire canopy implementation process.

2) Convenient and simple operation, the easier it is, including maintenance, debugging, and use. Lightweight product design can reduce labor costs during subsequent installation and maintenance, and make the entire process more efficient.

3) Standard modular design. For the needs of manufacturing, the LED canopy box needs a certain size. If the box is too large, it will be difficult to produce and transport. The standardized design of the LED sky screen cabinet can make the LED display original, power supply, control, and unit structure integrated, which is easy to age, debug, transport and install.

The use of LED sky screens in the aquarium is the most spectacular.

From an economic point of view, LED sky screens have become an artifact for major businesses to “attract their eyes”, but we all know that “attracting eyes” is undoubtedly “attracting gold” for businesses in which the flow of people is transferred. Bring greater commercial profits. With the overall growth of market demand, the continuous improvement of social and economic strength and technological level, LED sky screens have been seen everywhere, and it is believed that in the future, it will bring more shocking and bright display effects to people.



What are the technical requirements for the LED sky screen during the installation process?


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