What are the possible faults of bar DJ stage LED display?

Due to its excellent display effect and lower power consumption, the bar DJ stage LED display has been widely used in DJ ballrooms. However, the bar DJ stage LED display is the same as all electronic products, and it is inevitable that there will be some failures of this and that.

The various reasons for the failure may be due to the quality of the LED manufacturer’s own products, or it may be due to problems with the accessories used, or software problems. Next, let’s take a look at these failures one by one.

bar DJ stage LED display

1. Hardware failure;

1. The internal failure of the LED display screen of the bar DJ stage;

1.1.LED display screen can see the failure of the entire screen, the screen is not displayed or the display is not comprehensive.

1.2. Bright spots appear on the display screen, that is, a diode that is always on. This is the same as the bright spots on the LCD. It is abnormal.

1.3. The fonts cannot be displayed on the panel for a long time on the display screen.

1.4. The LED display control card light is off or on but it cannot be controlled.

1.5. The power supply is burned out.

2. Network cable failure; (common network cable failure)

2.1. The network cable is over-pulled or bitten by a mouse.

2.2. The network cable is blocked, the crystal plug of the network cable is poorly connected or loosened at the switch port, and the network cable is not connected to the switch port.

2.3. The network cable is blocked, there are multiple interfaces (network cable to interface, network cable socket box) in the middle of the network cable, and the crystal head does not touch the copper core (the crystal head is not well laid);

2.4. The RJ45 port of the network cable linking the switch to the LED display is broken;

2.5. The performance of the network cable is insufficient; most of the LED displays need to be connected with a gigabit network port. If you use a 100M or lower network port to connect, the LED display is often not well controlled.

2. Software failure

1. Software operation problems

1.1. After reinstalling the system, the user does not have the software of the LED display or will not reinstall the LED software and parameter settings;

1.2. Some files of the operating software of the LED display are missing, resulting in failure to upload and update information.

1.3. The user has changed the LED operating software parameters by himself, and the LED parameters used by each LED display are different.

1.4. After installing the LED operating software, the user did not remove the check mark in front of “Use serial port to send and receive data”;

1.5. The version of the LED operating software is too old to adapt to the existing LED control card, and can be used after upgrading according to the prompts. In addition, it should be noted that some LED control cards can only use the old version of the LED control software. Do not update the version casually at this time, so as not to affect the use.

2. Expansion of the IP address of the business hall:

2.1. Is the new IP address of the display screen fixed and bound? An operator may have multiple networks.


2.2. The operator changes the IP network segment instead of changing the IP network segment of the LED display.

2.3. Whether the new IP address of the display has been bound, if there is any change to the IP of the LED display, the maintainer must be notified.



What are the possible faults of bar DJ stage LED display?


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