What are the maintenance tips for led transparent display?

Like all electronic products, if the LED transparent display is used for a long, long time, some minor problems will inevitably occur. If we learn some related knowledge in advance, if the problem is not big, we can do it ourselves. The problem is solved. So, what are the maintenance tips for LED transparent screens?

First of all, if you want to extend the service life of the LED transparent display, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The led display should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible. The screen is strictly prohibited from entering water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects.

2. It is very important to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the led transparent screen. The dust accumulated on the screen can be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the heat dissipation function. Need to use vacuum cleaner or air pressure gun equipment for maintenance to remove dust in the air.

3. To keep the power supply stable, it is best to have a good grounding protection. Try not to use it in harsh natural environments.

4. Regularly check whether the LED transparent screen is working properly and whether the circuit is damaged. If it fails to work normally, it needs to be maintained and replaced in time.

There are some minor faults, don’t panic, we will troubleshoot the cause step by step.

Tips for overhaul of led transparent screen:

1. The black screen of the transparent screen does not work

  • Confirm whether the control box is powered on (PWR red indicator light is always on), and the signal output is normal (RUN green light indicator flashes)
  • Whether the LED transparent screen is normally powered on, the screen will flash once when the power is turned on or off, and then the screen will return to a black screen
  • If the above two checks are correct, please confirm whether the network cable has been plugged in and the contact is good. You can use a network cable tester to test whether the network cable is normal.

2. The screen display is not comprehensive

  • Please confirm whether the content of the program is produced according to the resolution of the transparent screen.
  • Please make sure that the resolution of the video processor is consistent with the resolution of the screen.

3. One or more light bars in a module or the entire module is not working properly

At this time, we need to replace the abnormal ones to find out which modules or light bars are no longer available.

Hotel transparent LED display
Hotel and Restaurant

Through the above steps, it is sufficient to deal with general problems. If more serious problems occur, it is recommended to find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. The above are the tips for maintaining LED transparent screens. At present, all kinds of LED transparent screen product displays have been widely used in large shopping malls, commercial buildings, glass curtain walls, brand chain stores and other scenes.



What are the maintenance tips for led transparent display?


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