What are main factors that affect price of indoor small-pitch LED display?

With the country’s support for the LED industry, the current indoor small-pitch LED display has become more and more popular with the government. This is mainly due to its various advantages, such as long life, energy saving and environmental protection.

For customers who want to buy indoor fine-pitch LED displays, it is very important to understand the factors that affect their price.

Several common factors affecting the price of indoor small-pitch LED display

  1. Pixel pitch

As mentioned above, the indoor small spacing is generally below P2, and the price varies greatly with different pixel spacings. Generally, bidding projects have specific pixel spacing requirements, and as individuals, there are indoor pixel spacing requirements.

For small-pitch projects, and it is not very clear which small-pitch LED display to choose, you can consult the LED display manufacturer, or you can roughly choose the range of small-pitch according to your own budget so that you can do the pre-budget work of your project well. whole.

  1. The material of the product

The light source of the LED display is LED, and different brands of LEDs have different prices. The relatively well-known LED chip production bases are abroad, but in recent years, domestic LED production technology has also been greatly improved.

The LEDs produced by many domestic manufacturers have been compared with foreign ones in terms of lumens, service life, etc. LEDs are evenly matched.

In addition to the light source, the LED display also has a cabinet. There are many kinds of cabinet materials, such as iron cabinets, die-cast aluminum cabinets, nano-polymer materials cabinets, carbon fiber cabinets, magnesium alloy cabinets, etc. Different LED display cabinets have different prices. And sometimes the difference is not small.

  1. The specifications of the LED display

Most indoor projects require full-color LED displays, but it is not ruled out that some projects require single-color and dual-color displays. The prices of LED displays with different color specifications are naturally different.

  1. Other circumstances

There are many other factors that will also affect the price of the LED display, such as the environmental conditions of the installation, the cooling system equipped, the software control system of the display, the computer monitoring system, the playback system, etc. These different configurations will also affect the price of the LED display. affect the price.

All in all, how much is the indoor LED display per square meter, this needs to be quoted in combination with the needs of the project.

Of course, when the requirements of the project have not been clarified in the early stage of procurement, the quotation standard provided by the LED display manufacturer can be used as a reference and comparison. Come to our LED factory to negotiate face to face, this is a practical and direct way.



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