What are the installation methods of P2.976 transparent LED display

The P2.976 transparent LED display is a new product in LED display, with a lighter structure, which is also destined to be different from some conventional LED display. Its installation method will also be more common than other common box display. The screen is much more convenient. So, what are the installation methods of transparent LED display?

The transparent LED display is different from the traditional LED display. The big difference is that the transparent LED display is not made of LED modules. It is amazing! In the classification of LED display, almost all LED display They are all assembled with LED modules. For example, our common high-definition small-pitch LED display is made of indoor LED modules. The common P5 outdoor stadium broadcast LED display is made of outdoor LED displays. The LED modules are assembled.

transparent LED display
transparent LED display

Then, the transparent LED display does not use LED modules, what should be used to make it? In fact, the transparent LED display is assembled from countless light strips, and the light strips are directly embedded on the box, and the LEDs used The light bar is the same as the LED module, the quality of the transparent LED display directly depends on the quality of the LED light bar.

Since its structure is different, its installation method is naturally different, let’s take a look.

Installation method of transparent LED display

In different installation environments, the installation methods of led transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of transparent screens include hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, etc., the most common of which is hoisting for stage choreography, exhibition halls and other fields.

Floor base

There are many common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. This installation method is mainly aimed at the screen height is not high, it can be simply fixed at the bottom, so this method is not suitable for installing too high transparent display screen.

If it must be used This method installs a higher screen body, so it is necessary to use a firm up and down fixing method behind the screen body to realize the fixation of the screen body, but this will also increase the

Frame installation

LED transparent display
LED transparent display

The composite bolt piling method is adopted, and the box frame is directly fixed on the keel of the glass curtain wall without any steel structure. It is mainly used in the field of architectural glass curtain wall.

Ceiling mount

It is mainly used for indoor strip screens and frame structure screens, and can be used for hoisting. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as where there is a beam lintel above. Standard hangers can be used for the indoor concrete roof, and the length of the hangers is determined according to the site conditions. The indoor beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the outdoor and the screen are decorated with steel pipes in the same color.

It should be noted that the hoisting beam needs to have a certain compressive capacity to avoid the occurrence of accidents due to insufficient load-bearing capacity and weak compressive capacity, which may cause the beam to break or collapse.

Suspended installation
Wall-mounted installation can be used indoors, requiring concrete beams on the solid wall or at the suspension. Outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, and there is no limit to the display area and weight. The precautions are the same as those for hoisting installations.

The above four methods are common installation methods for LED transparent screens. These four methods do not have rigid requirements, and they will not be installed in one place, but according to the actual situation on site and different application scenarios, the selected transparent display The installation method of the screen will also be different.

Therefore, when installing, it is necessary to equip professional construction personnel to plan and survey the entire construction environment, so as to make the installed transparent LED display more harmonious with the surrounding environment, so as to achieve the best display effect.

No matter which installation method we use to install the transparent display screen, it uses very little steel structure, and only needs to be installed on the installation point or installation surface, so it is very convenient to install.


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