What are the functions of the LED video processor?

LED video processor is also called screen processor, image converter, video controller, image processor screen converter, video format converter, independent video source and so on. The LED video processor is a key equipment and witness to the birth, growth and maturity of the LED full-color display. It directly affects the display effect of the LED display. The binding use of LED video processor and display screen greatly facilitates the wide application of end users and improves the depth of use of LED display screens. So, do you know what functions the LED video processor has?

There are many different styles of LED video processors.

1. Screen zoom:
The display mode of the LED display is point-to-point, which determines that the LED display can only display the same size as its own physical resolution. The LED video processor can scale the image, output the picture in any size, and complete the mapping of the entire desktop to the LED screen.
2. Signal conversion and switching:
Video processing equipment can complete the format conversion between many signals. Another important function of the video processor is to manage various signals when there are multiple signal accesses, and flexibly switch between various signals quickly.
3. Image quality improvement:
Because the pixel pitch of the LED display screen itself is much larger than that of some other flat panel display media, there are strict requirements for image processing technology, especially image enhancement technology. It can use advanced algorithms to modify signals with poor image quality, perform a series of processing such as de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation, etc., to enhance the details of the image and improve the picture quality.

The LED video processor needs to understand a variety of related knowledge when using it.
4. Large screen splicing:
At present, the dot pitch of the LED display screen is getting smaller and smaller, and the appearance size is getting larger and larger, which makes the physical resolution of the LED screen screen become very huge. The LED video processor has a splicing function and can drive a large-resolution screen, which is a very cost-effective driving method.
5. Multi-screen processing:
In many special scenarios, a display screen needs to display multiple pictures of the same or different signals. A video processor with multi-picture processing function can flexibly meet such display requirements.



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