What are the different types of LED displays?

We often see full-color LED displays in commercial streets and building plazas. When the full-color LED display plays advertisements, it is not only bright in color, but also has a clear effect, which is very eye-catching. The publicity effect can be said to be full. Then, when choosing an outdoor full-color LED display, what problems should we pay attention to?

Outdoor full color LED display
Outdoor full color LED display

First, when choosing an outdoor full-color LED display, be sure to limit the purchase of water-proof and lightning-proof cabinets to prevent the circuit from being unstable due to thunder and rain, which may cause screen burn-in.

Second, the steel frame for outdoor mounting of the LED display must be professionally customized and a regular steel frame that has been professionally evaluated. It can withstand the weight of the main screen and the weight of other accessories, ensuring that it can be firm and safe even in windy days. Avoid falling off and hurting pedestrians.

Third, before purchasing an outdoor full-color LED display, you must shop around, investigate the market situation a lot, and choose a manufacturer with a good reputation according to your own situation. quality and durability.

Full color LED display
Full color LED display

What are the main parameters for full color LED display? What are the advantages of different types of outdoor full-color LED screens?

  1. Built-in type: The built-in type is to install a steel structure on the wall, and then use the added steel structure as a supporting point to embed the LED display screen. Because it is embedded in the wall, no other support is required. It is usually installed on the outer wall of the building.
  2. Step type: The application method of the step type is the same as its name, it is mainly installed on the steps (facade), and the color change can make it have a high-level and gorgeous effect. Generally, the best observation distance is three meters. Other than the best.
  3. Hanging type: The hanging type generally uses the steel structure that has been designed on site to hang the LED display screen on it. Due to the convenient installation and no need for wall support, the advantages of short-term or temporary use are obvious, but long-term use is not conducive to stability. , so it is generally used in performances such as stage, performance, or exhibition.
  4. Column type: The reason for using the column type is usually that there is no surrounding steel structure or wall as a support point, or it may be because the workplace has high requirements for steel structures. This type of product is usually used for outdoor streetside or high-speed Use in areas such as highways.



What are the different types of LED displays?


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