What are the characteristics of the P4 stage rental screen?

P4LED display means that the pixel pitch is 4mm, and it is used more indoors. Depending on its use, there are also some applications outdoors.

Then the P4 rental full-color LED display has the following characteristics:

  1. Die-cast aluminum alloy shell

This is a characteristic of rental screens, and LED rental screens always require transportation, handling, installation, disassembly, etc.

  1. Highlight high refresh

The P4 stage rental LED display, the pixel pitch is only 4mm, even if the viewing interval is very close, no blurring can be seen. The refresh rate is greater than 1920Hz, and the visual interval is about 4.5m, which is most suitable for stage rental and advertising rental inside and outside the user.

  1. High level of protection technology

Rental full-color LED display P4 is often used for outdoor stage performances, advertising, new product launches, etc. The outdoor environmental conditions are changing rapidly, and heavy rain, heavy rain and typhoons often occur.

  1. Modular Design

All are designed to better maintain the P4 full-color LED display. Due to the frequent disassembly and handling of the stage rental LED display, if you are not careful, the parts of the product may be damaged, but the modular design makes maintenance more troublesome, and front and rear maintenance can be easily carried out, thus saving time and cost.

P4 indoor full color display
P4 indoor full color display

Rentals of P4 full-color LED displays have many common features. With the development of advertising media, stage performances and other industries, the requirements for stage rental LED display are getting higher and higher, and more and more companies are engaged in LED display.



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