What are the characteristics of the P3 indoor LED display?

In recent years, the demand for P3 indoor LED display screens has been increasing all over the world, and it has been widely welcomed by the indoor market everywhere. Therefore, when you are choosing LED displays, you mainly choose those with unique characteristics to meet the increased demand and achieve your desired results. Do you know what features of the P3 indoor LED display make it popular?

P3 indoor LED display screen also has a market in sports.

Features of P3 indoor LED display:
1. 3mm pixel pitch, R, G, B three-color chips are packaged in a colloid to form a single pixel, the density is as high as 111111pixels/sqm, the viewing angle is large, and the display image is soft;
2. 64*32 display ratio, 192*96 module size, integrated lamp driver structure, high reliability;
3. The effect is no grainy, good color uniformity, and no mosaic image;
4. The color saturation is high, so the color is more uniform;
5. Low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, effectively extending the life of the screen;
6. Adopting mesh constant current circuit design, with good anti-static function, ensuring stability;
7. Single lamp repair, simple repair method.

The use of P3 indoor LED display screens in shopping malls makes the shopping malls more attractive.

Features of P3 indoor LED display:
1. The system design is reasonable, the display effect is stable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
2. All-weather work: vivid color, high refresh rate, anti-static, dust-proof, and good heat dissipation effect.
3. Display mode: move left and right, move up and down, screen left, screen right, open and close, flashing, instant display, etc.
4. Use the program editing and playing software to edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through the mouse. The content of the arrangement is stored in the control card, and the information playback is automatically displayed in a loop according to the program table.
5. Strong luminous brightness: within the visible distance, when the sun shines directly on the surface of the screen, the display content is still clearly visible.
6. Good viewing angle: Both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are large, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height drop.
7. Good effect: using non-linear point-by-point correction technology, the text is clear and the sense of hierarchy is strong;
8. Strong reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, high reliability and stability;
9. Diversified display modes: support multiple display modes;
10. Convenient operation: The edited content of the computer is sent to the system control card, and the edited content can be displayed, and the system operation is very convenient.
11. Scope of application: shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stages, banks, securities, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, power, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations, stadiums and other fields.


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