What are the characteristics of P4 rental full color LED display?

p4 The rental full-color LED display is different from the fixed-mounted LED display. The fixed-mounted LED display is divided into outdoor fixed installation and indoor fixed installation. Generally, it will not be moved when installed in one place for a long time; while the rental full-color LED display needs to be installed according to the To meet the needs of performances and publicity, move to designated venues for video playback. In order to meet the needs of such frequently moving studios, the caravan LED display came into being.

Rental LED displays are not only used outdoors, but are also often used indoors. They are often used in stage performances, fashion shows, temporary advertising, new product launches, etc. The viewing distance of the rental LED display is not too far or too close, so its specifications are between the outdoor fixed LED display and the small-pitch LED display, and the pixel pitch is generally P6.25 , P5.59, P4.81, P4.8, P4.62, P4, P3.91, etc. Below P2 is a small-pitch LED display, and above P6.25 is generally an outdoor fixed LED display. Between small spacing and outdoor fixed installation, rental LED display has its own characteristics. Now we take P4.81 as an example to talk about the characteristics of P4.81 rental full-color LED display.

P4 rental full color LED display
P4 rental full color LED display

P4 LED display refers to the pixel pitch of 4mm, which is generally used indoors. rental full-color LED display is also used indoors in most cases, but it is also useful outdoors. For rental screens, it is not necessary to strictly distinguish indoor and outdoor, but only need to judge the approximate viewing distance according to the application. far away, and then choose a suitable LED rental screen. The rental company will have a variety of rental screens to choose from. For LED rental screens, display manufacturers generally design them to be suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions, because LED displays of this specification are widely used and common. rental full-color LED display generally has the following characteristics:

  1. Die-cast aluminum box

In fact, this is the characteristic of the rental screen. The LED rental screen needs to be transported, handled, installed, disassembled, etc. frequently, which requires high vibration resistance, flatness, fire resistance, dustproof and waterproof of the product, and the box The body should not be too heavy, too heavy to carry easily. The P4 rental full-color LED display adopts a die-cast aluminum box. The weight of the box is about 8.5KG. It can be easily carried by one person, and it is also convenient to install or disassemble.

  1. Highlight and brush

rental LED display, the pixel pitch is only 4mm, even if the viewing distance is close, it will not appear blurred, the refresh rate is greater than 1920Hz, the brightness is greater than 4500cd/m2, * the viewing distance is about 4.5m, very suitable for indoor and outdoor. Stage rental and advertising rental.

  1. High protection level

rental full-color LED display will often be used in outdoor stage performances, advertising, new product releases, etc., and the outdoor environmental conditions are unpredictable, there are often heavy rains or even heavy rains, typhoons, etc., so the protection of P4.81 rental screens The grade should be above IP65, so as to ensure its stable operation and prevent rain, dust, etc. from entering the box and causing damage to the internal components.

  1. Modular design

This is also a design scheme adopted to better maintain the P4.81 full-color rental LED display. Because of the frequent disassembly and handling of the rental LED display, it is possible to damage the components of the product if you are not careful. The modular design makes maintenance easier, and it is easy to achieve front and rear maintenance, which can save time and cost.

To sum up, P4.81 rental full-color LED display needs to have many unique characteristics. With the development of advertising media, stage performance and other industries, the demand for LED rental screens is also increasing, and the rental companies engaged in screen rental are also More and more, especially the P4.81 rental full-color LED display, is currently widely used, but with the continuous expansion of market demand, the P3.91 rental screen is also widely welcomed by the market.



What are the characteristics of P4 rental full color LED display?


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