What are the characteristics of P2 indoor small-pitch display?

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with the P2 indoor small-pitch display screen. After all, we can see it in shopping malls or in some exhibition halls now, which also shows the universality of P2 small-pitch display.

The concept of small pitch LED display:

LED display: A flat panel display consisting of small LED module panels. Light emitting diode (abbreviation for light emitting diode), which is a diode made of compounds of gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen, and indium by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light emitting diodes. When electrons and holes recombine, they can radiate visible light. , and thus can be used to make light-emitting diodes.

High Quality LED Display Screen Indoo LED Video Wall for Advertising P1.53
High Quality LED Display Screen Indoo LED Video Wall for Advertising P1.53

Used as indicator lights in circuits and instruments, or composed of text or digital displays. Gallium arsenide phosphide diodes emit red light, gallium phosphide diodes emit green light, silicon carbide diodes emit yellow light, and indium gallium nitride diodes emit blue light. LED displays are generally used to display text, images, videos, video signals and other information.

The concept of small-pitch LED displays was first proposed in 2008 and mass-produced in 2011. Since its birth, the records of small-pitch LEDs have been constantly refreshed. From the initial pixel pitch of 4mm or less, called small-pitch, to below 3mm, and then to below 2.5mm, in 2016, the regulation of small-pitch was reduced to 2mm. The lower limit of the small pitch has not stopped, and now the smallest pitch on the market can be 0.4mm.

Small-pitch LED display refers to the full-color LED display with LED point spacing below P2.5, mainly including P2.0, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1.4, P1. 2. P1.0, P0.9, P0.8, P0.7, P0.6 and other LED display products.

Features of small pitch LED display:

1. Super beautiful

  • No stitching, ultra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and chromaticity without color cast.
  • Broadcast-grade color gamut, intelligently adjustable color temperature.
  • Intelligent brightness adjustment, adaptive environment, long-term viewing without fatigue.
  • Ultra-high refresh display, fast frame changing speed, eliminating ghosting without smearing.
  • The ultra-high contrast ratio ensures the color performance of the picture.
  • Display unit 16:9 golden display ratio, flexible and compact, flat, curved, smooth splicing, compatible with front and rear maintenance.
  • Low-brightness and high-gray non-destructive technology can always present any picture perfectly and meticulously, disdain for its peers.
  • Precision control technology and high-standard CNC mold-level processing technology ensure that the screen body is flat and seamless.
High Quality LED Display Screen Indoor LED Video Wall for Advertising
High Quality LED Display Screen Indoor LED Video Wall for Advertising

2. Ultra quiet

  • The new structure design concept can effectively control the temperature rise and run stably.
  • Natural heat dissipation, no fan, working with zero noise.
  • High heat dissipation panel processing technology, fast heat dissipation and longer life.

3. Super savings

  • The fault only needs to maintain a single LED pixel into a single module, the maintenance cost is low and the speed is fast.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, innovative design with lower power consumption, energy saving 30%.
  • The box body is ultra-thin, exquisite and beautiful, and for various space-constrained places, compared with DLP, the installation space is smaller.
  • With advanced process design layout and material selection, the average service life of small-pitch screens can reach 6-8 years, and for influential LED displays, you only need to buy the same type of display to replace it, which is very convenient and fast.

4. Super stable

  • High-reliability power supply technology, redundant N+1 backup mode, communication-grade power supply, never power off.
  • Dual-signal hot backup, automatic fault switching, to ensure the stability and reliability of the picture.
stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall
stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall

5. Ultra safe

  • Support hot-swap repair, no need to close the screen, safe and fast.
  • With its own power-down storage memory function, data parameters will never be lost.
  • Encryption technology to avoid malicious cutting and input of signals to ensure security.

The application range of small-pitch LED display:

Small-pitch LED display has a wide range of applications, the main application areas are command and dispatch center, security monitoring, video conference, exhibition, radio and television studio, meteorological information center, safety production monitoring, environmental monitoring, fire protection, maritime flood control command, energy, electricity , financial securities market, airports, subways, shopping malls, hotels, etc. At present, small-pitch LED displays are mainly used in the professional display field of more than 100 inches.



What are the characteristics of P2 indoor small-pitch display?


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