What are the benefits of using LED displays in DJ bars?

The psychedelic lights that move with the changing rhythm of the movement, the fascinating music and wine, the hot and unrestrained graceful dance, the ultimate combination of many elements evokes people’s high emotions. The intimate interaction between people is carried out unscrupulously in all kinds of sensory stimulation, and the friction between the shuttle dances arouses people’s desire for fun and intoxication. The stage is not only the place where the mood of the bar spreads, but also the soul of the bar business.

Designing a colorful, technologically-savvy stage will make people’s eyes shine. The design service is characterized by practicability, artistry, and science. The service content includes bar stage space design, stage appearance design, and advanced stage customization services. The DJ bar LED display can meet these requirements and characteristics very well.

DJ bar benefits of using DJ bar LED display

Cater to market demand

In first-tier cities where human resource costs are relatively under pressure, we tend to choose large-scale lifting stages or T-shaped stage designs with greater atmospheric influence, and use Dancers’ hot singing and dancing to drive the atmosphere of the bar. For second- and third-tier cities with relatively obvious shortcomings in human resources, it is more sensible to set up small lifting stages or DJ stations, because even if the investment is reduced, the interactive effect can still be guaranteed. We will also provide customers with tailor-made size design and stage appearance design according to the physical volume of the bar space and the overall decoration style

Incorporate information technology

At the forefront of the times, we continue to incorporate controllable information-based mechanical design into the bar stage design, and use programmed LED equipment to create a 3D visual space, creating different light and shadows and patterns, making consumers feel as if they are in Feel the interlacing of time and space in the firmament of space. Or use the modern display on the wall to match the sound effects and illusion patterns of the night scene to show the trend, making the stage a place for people’s soul to relax.

bar DJ stage LED display

Show the beauty of rhythm

In the design, we boldly change the lines and graphics, and cooperate with the lighting to create a complex and beautiful dazzling effect, making the bar stage full of fashionable and blurred visual charm, allowing consumers to jump with the rhythm of the music and immerse themselves in it. If you play some 3D video images, you can also make consumers feel immersive. If used with VR, it can also carry out a special somatosensory interaction.

Long-lasting use, lower efficacy

Compared with the LCD display, the power consumption of the LED display under the same area is lower. According to experimental data, the same 10 square meter display screen, after 3 hours of use, the LED display uses 38% less electricity than the LCD display. Therefore, after long-term use, it can save more electricity and more Environmentally friendly.



What are the benefits of using LED displays in DJ bars?


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