What are the benefits of installing P3.91 LED transparent display in the shop?

Nowadays, P3.91 LED transparent display is widely used and recognized by many buyers. It is important to know that no shop owner does not want to change his glass window to the type that users like, even in the center of the bustling city, you can get it. The curiosity of potential users.

At present, glass showcases are already the standard configuration for the decoration of offline stores, but as the turnover rate of employees increases, the speed of product updates has also slowed down. As a result, the display of the showcases remains the same throughout the year, which makes many store owners a headache Endlessly, I tried my best to create a beautiful window, but the ideal effect has not been achieved. In the end, I found a decoration company to design the window. In the end, I found that the cost was very high, and I also found many merchants’ shops not far from me. Like their own stores, they chose the same style, and the homogeneity was very serious, which made many users choose the mentality of consuming boredom. In the end, even if they carried out promotions, they could not get good results;

In addition, ordinary glass showcases have very single and fixed display content. Every time new content is displayed, it takes a lot of trouble to re-use. There is no way to reuse it, and for consumers, it is also prone to slack. Tired situation.

In view of the difficulties and worries of KPI growth in these offline stores, LED transparent screen manufacturers provide their shops with a p3.91led transparent window display solution. Even if time passes and the product is updated and iterated, it cannot stop the shop window. The window that shines for a moment will harvest the attention of more potential users.

Of course, after the installation of the p3.91led transparent display screen, there is much more than that. Those shop windows that have been forgotten by time have also become the richest information windows in the entire shop, allowing dynamic information to attract people’s vision and improve the shop’s presence. The sense of presence among the crowd, the high permeability of the P3.91 LED transparent display installed on the window can be well integrated with the shop;

The significance of installing p3.91led transparent window screen is not only to enhance the display effect of the store, but only need video material or store promotion content to rely on the transparent display to carry out the activities, and rely on the transparent led display to do the street promotion activities It has also become an important selling point of the product. The amount of information displayed is large, and you can make corresponding adjustments according to your own wishes. This is almost similar to the promotion of multimedia products. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of p3.91led transparent display technology Following development, grafting the interaction between the LED transparent screen and the audience in a higher way has become the focus of the current industry.

At present, p3.91 led transparent display can be widely used in museums, planning halls, enterprises, showrooms, commercial exhibitions, brand exhibition halls, children’s science parks, science and technology museums, children’s activity centers, children’s palaces, theme parks, digital information, shopping malls Leisure experience area, education hall and other places.



What are the benefits of installing P3.91 LED transparent display in the shop?


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