What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising machines?

With the subdivision of the market, the floor-standing outdoor LED advertising machines has also taken advantage of the trend to “counterattack” and become the main force in the value of the LED display industry, especially at the moment when the value of outdoor applications continues to deepen, the application advantages of the floor-standing LED advertising machine are becoming more and more obvious .

So, what are the specific advantages of outdoor LED advertising machines? Listed below are the specific advantages of outdoor LED advertising machines that we have summarized based on our experience in many project constructions. Let’s take a look!

  1. High-definition picture, strong visual impact

Different from the LCD advertising machine, the resolution of the LED advertising machine is generally 1920*1080, which can not only clearly display the content of the broadcast, but also has a certain outdoor visual impact.

outdoor LED advertising machines
outdoor LED advertising machines
  1. Easy and fast installation

Although there are many types of outdoor LED advertising machines at present, the common point is that the installation is convenient and fast, and they can be placed directly in a suitable position. In addition to the column LED advertising machine, it is necessary to add pillars, and most of the other outdoor LED advertising machines are directly connected by screws. After installing, fixing, and connecting the safety ground wire, it can be put into use directly after being powered on.

  1. Wide range of delivery

With the large-scale successful laying of digital outdoor networks, the application range of outdoor LED advertising machines continues to expand, and they are not picky about the geographical environment. Places with a lot of traffic, such as scenic spots, streets, parks, stairways, elevators, store entrances, etc. It can be placed according to advertising needs, and its design is full of modern and technological sense. It is placed in a conspicuous position, with exquisite shape and dazzling picture, which is very easy to catch the attention of passers-by.

outdoor LED advertising machines
outdoor LED advertising machines
  1. Convenient content update, saving time and effort

With the continuous maturity of communication technology, it also brings a lot of convenience in the management of outdoor LED advertising machines. At the same time, the content update is very convenient. It does not require too much manpower to replace each outdoor LED advertising machine, but through cluster management. Platform, one-click replacement, saving time and effort.

  1. Support multiple display modes

As a new generation of outdoor media, outdoor LED advertising machines have certain characteristics of the media, the most direct manifestation of which is the diversification of display modes, including: video files, picture files, text information, live information, information broadcast, and other information.

  1. Rich effects

The outdoor LED advertising machine has the advantages of high resolution, vivid colors, high-definition picture quality, and delicate display. The advantages are already very obvious.

  1. Simple operation

The operation of the outdoor LED advertising machine is very simple. Through unified network management, it can be operated after simple training by engineers. You can modify, modify, add and delete content at any time, and you can operate directly on the machine or online, set the content of the play list in advance, and play automatically every day without being on duty.

It is not difficult to see that the outdoor LED advertising machine has far exceeded our imagination of an outdoor advertising carrier. From appearance to reality, from installation to management, from function to application, the specific advantages of outdoor LED advertising machine have been presented through many application details. come out.

It is foreseeable that in the future, the demand for outdoor LED advertising machine in the advertising market will rise, and LED advertising machine manufacturers will further improve their advantages in applications, especially in the wave of 5G commercial use, the understanding of networking and intelligence With continuous deepening and integration, the specific advantages of outdoor LED advertising machines will become more and more.

Driven by technological innovation, fierce competition, changes in market demand, and policy trends, outdoor LED advertising machines, as one of the channels for informatization and digitalization in the smart age, are becoming more and more mature, and their application requirements will continue to increase.



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