What are the advantages of naked eye 3D LED display?

Compared with traditional 3D displays, the technical advantages of naked eye 3D LED display are obvious. The naked-eye 3D display screen can watch three-dimensional images without any auxiliary equipment. It is an innovative and cutting-edge high-tech in the imaging industry.

As the application scenarios of LED display become more and more abundant, the audience’s requirements for it are also gradually increasing. People’s sensory experience is no longer satisfied with the ordinary two-dimensional display but desire to have a three-dimensional look and feel that restores the real world. Therefore, there is The naked-eye 3D display screen with an immersive feeling came into being.

It not only further enhances the image of the city, empowers the local economy, and rejuvenates the commercial vitality under the new consumption trend, but also enhances visual shock and interactivity, and can also greatly improve the effect of advertising communication.

outdoor naked eye 3D large screen
outdoor naked eye 3D large screen

naked eye 3D large screen advantages:

3D effect

Utilizing the screen shape and frame effect creates the feeling of a three-dimensional scene, which can bring users a visually impactful experience, and can also be used as a brand-new advertising and marketing promotion method.

A full sense of technology

The naked-eye 3D large screen that combines culture and technology is not only a cool effect but also outputs culture to users in a trendy way, creating a unique visual expression effect. The effect display of naked-eye 3D technology is a unique display of culture and art through the naked-eye 3D advertising screen, which improves the aesthetics of the public.

Information conveyed accurately

The visual effect is one of the display features of the naked-eye 3D large screen, and the information transmission effect can be conveyed through the film created by the naked-eye 3D technology. The novel and unique picture display firmly grasps the user’s vision. Therefore, the naked-eye 3D advertising screen has gradually become one of the ways of marketing and promotion.

Having said so many advantages, what about the price of the naked eye 3D display?

Many customers do not understand why there is no uniform price for naked-eye 3D LED displays. In fact, the quotation of naked-eye 3D LED displays is directly or indirectly related to its own cost, quality, function, demand, brand, and region.

If you want to buy a price For an affordable large screen, you need to know more about the factors that affect the price. The details of the specific factors are as follows.

  1. Quality: The quality of the equipment directly determines the price of the equipment. The higher the quality, the higher the cost, and the worse the quality, the lower the cost.
  2. Function: The function determines the cost price. The price of ordinary LED advertising screens is relatively cheap, while the materials of high-refresh LED display screens are more complicated, so the price will be more expensive than ordinary LED screens.
  3. Demand: The price will also be affected by the actual demand of the customer. For example, according to the solution required by the customer, the complexity of the project will affect the quotation.
  4. Brand: There are many brands of LED outdoor display screens. Different brands of LED display screens have different quotation standards and outstanding advantages. Naturally, the prices are also different.
  5. Region: Manufacturers in different regions have different installation quotations for LED display screens due to the different economic consumption levels in the regions where they are located. For example, the labor quotations in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are generally higher, while those in second-and third-tier cities are economical. The consumption level is low and the labor cost is low, so the labor quotation is relatively cheap.



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