What are the advantages of mini LED and OLED?

From the perspective of development history, OLED was born earlier than Mini LED, and its first-mover advantage brought not only the problem of product yield, but also the technical scalability and market share.

Although Mini LED has many advantages that OLED does not have in theory, the development of OLED technology is not constant. Many manufacturers in China, Japan, and South Korea are constantly researching and improving OLED.

From an industry perspective, the current market is more optimistic about the four fields of Mini LED backlighting: tablet PCs, MNT, vehicles and TVs. However, with the continuous improvement of OLED technology, it is facing different degrees of competition in various fields.

LG OLED display
LG OLED display

Taking the tablet field as an example, Apple is the company that uses the most Mini LED technology. However, as the vane of the tablet market, iPAD, Apple only uses Mini LED backlight on its 12.9-inch iPAD Pro product, and other iPads do not use this technology. .

From the perspective of cost, the cost of Mini-LED screens is about three times that of traditional LCD screens, and its price is also higher than that of OLED screens. The reason why Apple does not use OLED and OLED panel notebook products is mainly because the performance of OLED panels has not yet reached Apple’s request.

According to industry insiders, “Apple has cooperated with Samsung and LGD to jointly develop OLED panels for notebooks, and may launch related products in two years.” This further confirms that Mini LED will face fierce competition in small and medium sizes. market competition.

Another example is the automotive market. Since the vehicle system is relatively closed, there are three pain points: long certification period, high brightness and high reliability on the vehicle. If the vehicle manufacturer strictly follows the requirements for testing and certification, the cycle may be as long as 2 to 3 years. year.

However, the replacement cycle of a domestic model is very fast from launch to delisting, so it is also embarrassing for Mini LED. From this perspective, it may be difficult for mini LED to become a rigid demand in the automotive field.


Excluding these aspects, it can be seen that the biggest advantage of mini LED is still in the TV. Because TV is basically just what every family needs. Although there are many fewer people watching TV now, even if it is just a decoration, it is basically indispensable.

However, due to the characteristics of mini LED, its price is much higher than that of ordinary LCD TVs, which will cause consumers to have concerns when purchasing.

But objectively speaking, the downturn in global consumption is not only a dilemma for Japanese and Korean OLED manufacturers, but also a problem for betting on Mini LED manufacturers in China.

In addition to insufficient consumer demand, OLED panel prices are lower than Mini LED backlights on the same starting line for 55-inch and 65-inch TVs. The space left for Mini LED backlight TVs lies in 75-inch and above and 8K products.

More importantly, as participants and standard-setters in TV development, Japanese and Korean brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have always firmly occupied the top positions in the global market, and they have always been leading the way in TV related technologies. is the role of leader.

For terminal consumers, not everyone is a “parameter party” in the face of TV products equipped with a new generation of display technology. Which display panel to use is an important factor, but it is by no means a decisive factor.

Take Sony as an example. In the field of TV chips, it has long insisted on developing its own image processing chips, from the earliest “Xunrui Image” chip that optimized the edge of the image to the later “X1” chip that has a database for data comparison. By 2021, the “XR” chip with “cognitive intelligence” will be added. With the continuous accumulation of core strength in the chip field, it will eventually achieve the existence of the industry’s benchmark for image quality.

For domestic brands, this is still a long and difficult road.

It is gratifying that with the participation of more and more manufacturers, Mini LED technology and yield rate are also continuously improving, driving the price of Mini LED products to decline rapidly, and laying the foundation for entering more fields.

It is foreseeable that with the further sinking of Mini LED, consumers will get better Mini LED products at a more “acceptable” cost.



What are the advantages of mini LED and OLED?


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