What are the advantages of LED transparent screens?

Shenzhen LED transparent screen is a grid-shaped LED display composed of lamp poles that are popular in the industry, and it is also another name for lamp pole screens. Since its form is hollow and network, those skilled in the art refer to it as a grid screen, a hollow screen, and the like. This type of display is mainly used for outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, and building roofs, as well as outdoor three-sided anti-cannon, pillar billboards, LED curtain walls, etc.

The era design of the led transparent screen has broken through the traditional LED display’s constraints on buildings and walls. The project has become more flexible and more selective. It is quickly and widely used in various fields. And now there are customizable LED transparent displays. Whether it is pentagonal, heart-shaped or other strange shapes, it can be easily controlled.

Advantages of led transparent screen:

1. Light weight and small wind load. The light weight is due to the screen grid, so that the transparent led screen can penetrate the wind, so it has a strong wind load capacity.

2. High efficiency and low power consumption. The real energy saving comes from: high brightness, high luminous efficiency, and high conversion efficiency power supply.

3. Highly integrated. The LED transparent screen has built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently, and the connection of power supply and signal line is convenient.

4. High protection level. Compared with many traditional displays, the protection level of LED transparent screens is often much higher than that of other traditional display screens. Therefore, without any protection, they still have a certain degree of waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

5. Easy to install and maintain. No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, can be installed according to site requirements using front maintenance (installation in front of the display screen, easy to disassemble) and rear maintenance (generally fixed, not disassembled at will).

Due to the obvious advantages of LED transparent screens, the repurchase rate of customized transparent LED display products has increased again, and the main uses have become more and more common. Then, what are the main uses of LED transparent screens?

LED transparent display application field

According to the statistical analysis of data in recent years, the use of LED transparent display is more and more used in five industries here: public large and medium-sized architectural space and application, large and medium-sized performance stage application, super-large Tianmu application, engineering construction news media Use, glass showcase;

The LED transparent display screen combines the contemporary beauty of form with the cool design of mechanical equipment. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high stability, and long service life. After installation, it does not harm the design style of the original engineering building, does not harm the light, and the product shape design. It has a sense of hierarchy and is the preferred product for modernist architectural advertising and lighting projects. It has universal application prospects in curtain wall glass, shopping malls, and glass partition walls.

The gradual increase in the total number of outdoor LED display screens has gradually revealed the inadequacy of the basic LED display screens that originally only defined the advertising display: it harms the overall appearance of the big city; but the outdoor billboard display is the content that cannot be removed in order to deal with this. This problem, the emergence of the LED transparent display screen has been solved. High translucency and no blocking of light are the chromaticity in it.

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What are the advantages of LED transparent screens?


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