What are the advantages of creative LED display?

Most of the LED displays we usually see are square or rectangular. If you want to become a special shape such as a curved shape or a spherical shape, then ordinary LED displays cannot be achieved. An opportunity to showcase creative LED display.

Advantages of creative LED display

Creative LED displays are mainly LED displays of various special shapes, so some people call them special-shaped LED displays.

Because they are transformed into special shapes on the basis of LED displays, they are different from conventional LED display rectangles. , flat plate shape,

but in various shapes, including arcs, curved surfaces, square hexahedrons, letters and other irregular shapes.

Spherical LED display at hotel reception
Spherical LED display at hotel reception

The common spherical LED screen, for example, is designed with an all-aluminum structure and is very durable.

At the same time, it can be designed to be movable, easy to carry, and can also be hoisted and seated.

The spherical structure breaks through the maximum viewing angle of the LED display, forming a 360° full-coverage viewing angle, playing videos in all directions,

and can feel good visual effects from any angle, without the problem of flat viewing angles.

Spherical display can be designed and produced according to customer requirements,

the minimum diameter of 1 meter, indoor and outdoor can be used.

At the same time, the spherical surface is completed by numerical control.

The precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED spherical surface.

The display surface of the LED display is a part of the cylindrical surface, which can display radian shape.

LED display can also display various shapes according to the application scene, such as spherical screen, canopy and so on.

Disadvantages of creative LED display

Composed of watermelon rind-like PCBs, the advantage is that the structure is intuitive and there are fewer types of PCBs.

The disadvantage is that the north and south poles (that is, north of 45° north latitude and south of 45° south latitude) cannot play images normally,

so the picture utilization rate is too low or the image distortion is serious.

The reason is that the pixel points of all current image sources are arranged in rows and columns,

while the pixel points of the north and south poles of the watermelon skin LED spherical screen in a circle. Therefore.

The spherical LED screen composed of plane triangular PCB overcomes the disadvantage that the north and south poles of the watermelon peel spherical screen cannot play images,

so the utilization rate of the screen is greatly improved.

The disadvantage is that there are many kinds of pcb, the pixel spacing can not be too small, and the software writing is more troublesome.

The advantage of the spherical LED display composed of quadrilateral PCB is that it is closer to the flat LED display,

and the minimum point spacing is similar to that of the flat LED display, with little or almost no restriction,

so the effect is much better than the spherical LED display composed of triangular PCB.

The LED cylindrical screen is specially designed for engineering projects and is widely used in various science and other places.

It can play programs with video, graphics and images at will,

and play various programs in real-time, synchronous and clear information dissemination. kind of information.

Indoor cylindrical led display in Science and Technology Museum
Indoor cylindrical led display in Science and Technology Museum

The LED cylindrical screen has the characteristics:

  • thin,
  • light weight
  • extremely small size
  • high pixel density
  • can display curved surfaces, and 360-degree multi-screen viewing.

It is the new favorite of many media release and display places such as exhibition venues, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, airport stations and other public places.

Features such as light and thin, high pixel density, display of curved surfaces, easy installation, etc.

The spliced shape of the LED cylindrical screen:

  • Rounded corners
  • arc corner splicing
  • dynamic effectand shocking effect

The LED full-color display screen with diversified, omnidirectional and three-dimensional display by high-tech means is dynamic and Visual impact greatly improves the functional grade and appearance decoration effect of the display screen.

It is often used in historical picture scrolls and film-like LED screen displays in exhibition halls, planning halls, digital exhibition halls and other places.



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