What are the advantages of bar LED display?

Most of the LED displays we usually see are in shopping malls or on roads. What many people don’t notice is that there are many places where bar LED displays are used in bars. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages of bar LED displays that are worthy of our attention.

1. Wide viewing angle: The bar LED display not only has a wide viewing angle of 110° or more in the horizontal direction, but also a viewing angle of 110° or more in the vertical direction. A wider viewing angle can better show the advertising effect we want.

2. Good light distribution: the matching consistency of the three brightness’s of the red, green and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator. The design structure of the full-color SMD is a three-in-one structure, red, green, the three blue chips are all in a cup, so the matching consistency of the red, green and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the brightness matching of the LED full-color display at any angle is very consistent.

The color effect is more realistic. Moreover, the three colors of red, green and blue cover almost all the colors that people can express. Therefore, the bar LED display screen can completely display pictures of various colors.

3. High resolution: It can better show high-definition picture quality and delicate colors, which can be comparable to LCD to a certain extent.

4. Ultra-long lifespan: The use of high-quality light-emitting components as the core material of the display fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product, which is longer than the service life of most liquid crystal displays.

5. Seamless splicing: The kit design controls the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, which can be made into any shape according to the user’s needs, and the LED display can be enlarged or reduced during splicing according to requirements.

6. Good flatness: The ink color of the mask is consistent, so that the contrast of the entire display screen is high, and the flatness is good, and the hand feels soft and no protrusion.

7. High-quality material selection: The use of high-quality LED display special chip design, with the characteristics of small package, high brightness, large angle, anti-static and so on.

8. Real-time broadcast: It can support DVI, HDMI3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition display mode, which can be applied to TV video programs VCD and DVD and live broadcast.

9. Convenient maintenance: Modular design is adopted, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient and can be repaired with electricity.

10. High-quality selection of materials: high-quality IC chips made of imported luminescent materials are used as noise-free high-power power supplies, and the entire screen has no fan design, noise-free and low power consumption, and can be used in the range of 0°C to 55°C.

11. No format restriction: Regarding the format, the display mode can be arbitrarily arranged by the user, and the text, chart, image, animation and video information can be displayed, and the amount of displayed information is not limited.

12. Synchronous and asynchronous compatibility: It can support synchronous control and asynchronous control at the same time, even if the control computer fails, it can still display and play normally.



What are the advantages of bar LED display?


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