UDE2022 International Display Expo

Exhibition name: UDE2022 International Display Expo

Exhibition time: February 20 – February 22, 2022

Venue: Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: 100,000 square meters, 300+ exhibitors, 80,000 + professional visitors

Guiding unit: China Electronic Video Industry Association

Sponsor: Shanghai Shunlian Exhibition Co., LTD

UDE has been growing for four years, covering the whole industrial chain of upper, middle and lower reaches, creating a new display industry set exhibition, forum, activity, buying and purchasing in one comprehensive event.

The exhibition lasted for three days, including UDE global display ceremony main forum, parallel forum, UDE innovation award, industry white paper release, standard release, shopping festival release, research report release, business purchasing, shop before factory and a series of professional activities. Gather the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the display field around the world, as well as leaders of relevant competent units, to give speeches and high-end dialogues on the technological frontier, industrial trends and hot issues in the display field, and become the authoritative, professional, ecological and interactive world’s top industrial innovation cooperation and exchange platform.

Show the industry opened the first exhibition of the year

The three institutions work together to create the industry’s highest specifications and largest exhibition. UDE International Display Fair (UDE for short) strategy moved to Shenzhen, with LED CHINA, AVI CHINA strong cooperation, will play their own resource advantages, integration of the industry’s top resources, the exhibition will be upgraded to a global variety of new display technology, digital applications and audio and video integration as one of the whole industry chain event!

Industry benchmarking enterprises get together

The launch of the first wave of 2022 products. February is the beginning of the New Year to show the industry opportunities, gather the latest technology development of the industry, the most concentrated new product release, to achieve business contact with the world’s largest buyer group. Previous UDE international display expo attracted TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Changhong, Huawei, Xiaomi, SONY, Samsung, LG, SHARP, Philips, Leyaad, Lenovo, Abison, AET, Le Rong zhixin, AOC, light front, Aurora, feng Mi, nut projection, Kandy Industry and trade, One Na optoelectronics, Weizhen Technology, BOE, TCL Huaxin, Tianma microelectronics, d cigna, longteng starlight, crystal photoelectric photoelectric, countries, nova, vogel photoelectric science and technology, and the taihu lake jinzhang, au billiton, macro crystal microelectronics, sea billiton, core technology, materials, kay instrument science and technology, Carl Zeiss, matt photoelectric, TOPCON, barge every science and technology, is through constant far, hamamatsu, fast, precision electronics, core yuan, konica minolta, fu think tank Can, phantom d digital, pettitte technology, frogs, birds see, farce yue, a foot of the world, flintlock cast light, sea institute, antenna technology, intelligent, haier industrial intelligent di Jane, xinyi chang, konka, three Ann photoelectric, ruifeng, HuaCan, shuo visual display industry such as the whole industry chain enterprises exhibition, the exhibitors booth is to assemble all kinds of latest most popular product of science and technology, Committed to creating the most cutting-edge future life experience.

UDE2022 Global Display Event

UDE2022 International Display Expo and Global Display Festival brings together leaders of industry authorities, leaders of various associations, academicians and experts, domestic and foreign buyers, executives of display terminal leading enterprises, industry media, etc. At the same time, the UDE Innovation Award will be awarded to commend the products or solutions with outstanding contribution and significant influence in product and technology innovation and innovative application.

The third Global Mini/Micro LED Display Leaders Summit is the largest, highest specification and most popular professional forum in the Mini/Micro LED industry. Every year, more than 30 top industry guest speakers are composed of the most authoritative academicians, professors, industry senior experts, enterprise executives, technology giants, industry analysts, investors and so on in the Mini/Micro LED field. Share the policy, market, technology, products, investment and financing status and development trend of the global Mini/Micro LED display industry every year.

Five parallel forums will be launched in 2022: Laser Display Industry Development Forum, OLED Display Development Summit Forum, Commercial Display Channel Innovation Conference, cosmology and VR/XR Display Summit Forum, Intelligent cockpit Vehicle Display New Trend Conference, covering in addition to traditional application products, Commercial display applications such as laser projection, flexible OLED, XR/VR, printed OLED, video conferencing system, electronic whiteboard, facial recognition, vehicle-borne industrial control, intelligent wear, etc., will create a benchmarking professional forum carnival throughout the whole field of new display.

Over the past 20 years, commercial buyers at home and abroad have settled

Large domestic and international professional audience. The biggest highlight of the exhibition will introduce more than 20,000 high-quality buyers from more than 80 countries online and offline. Help enterprises to meet purchasing needs and technical exchanges, and build a one-stop procurement platform for large display categories for Chinese and foreign buyers.

UDE exclusive industrial chain buyer group. UDE frontier and alternative materials, equipment shop, will organize television, mobile phone, car display, panel makers such as purchasing, strengthen industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises effective docking, for materials, equipment, chip, panels, and other enterprises to find a buyer, looking for a new product for the enterprise, substitute products suppliers, promote products exhibition, technology release, cooperation talks.
UDE exclusive commercial buyer group. In order to better serve the professional audience with definite purchase intention or purchase plan, UDE will organize the special VIP business buyer group service, organize dozens of business matches on site, and facilitate the on-site transaction.

The next generation of mainstream display technologies are all on display

Commercial applications are in full bloom. With LCD panel module, FLEXIBLE display (OLED), QLED, LED, Mini LED, Micro Commercial applications LED by core display technologies such as LED, near-eye optical display, laser display, virtual display module (VR), enhanced display module (AR), 3D holographic display, electronic ink, iris/fingerprint recognition, quantum dot technology will all appear in UDE2022.

Two themed pavilions. The Cutting-edge Technology Pavilion mainly focuses on the upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain, which is divided into new display area, photoelectric material area, equipment application area, commercial software and hardware area, etc. Qianzhan Application Pavilion mainly focuses on the downstream of the industrial chain, including smart home application, intelligent travel application, conference and office application, cultural exhibition and travel application, urban public utilities application, education application, etc.

Laser display, LED leader program

Commend outstanding technical products in the industry. In order to implement the relevant requirements of the State Administration for Market Regulation and other eight departments jointly issuing opinions on the Implementation of the Enterprise Standard “Front-runner” System (State Municipal Supervision Standard [2018] No. 84), China Electronic Video Industry Association and relevant branches jointly compile two standards, LED Display and Projector, and will release the ranking products and corresponding grades at UDE2022.

UDE will be presented in Shenzhen on February 20-22, 2022 with a new attitude. The organizing committee sincerely thanks exhibitors at home and abroad, partners, media, audiences and friends from all walks of life for their strong support to us all the time. As the New Year begins, everything is renewed. UDE will bring more surprises and harvest to exhibitors and customers all over the world.



UDE2022 International Display Expo


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