The new force of stage LED display–stage LED floor tile screen

Since the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage successfully used the stage LED floor tile screen in 2009, the stage LED floor tile screen has made a new breakthrough in the creative expression of the stage. Since then, the application of floor tiles in stage floor decoration has gradually been recognized, and the application range of stage LED floor tile screens has gradually expanded, becoming an irreplaceable display product.

Since the stage LED floor tile screen can achieve clear display like the large LED screen, the application on the stage will produce a stronger visual effect, and the visual experience will be improved. There are many applications in bar T stage, show stage, etc., especially in the Victoria’s Secret show last year, a large number of stage LED floor tiles were used as the first choice for the catwalk stage.

The use of stage LED floor tile screen in Victoria's Secret

Stage LED floor tile screen embellishes Victoria’s Secret show

The Victoria’s Secret show, as the Oscar of the underwear industry, opened at the Grand Palais in Paris on November 30 last year. The annual Victoria’s Secret Show is most eye-catching than those international supermodels with graceful figures, dressed in exaggerated and gorgeous customized underwear, accompanied by a gorgeous stage, dynamic music and the greatest glorious stimulation in the fashion industry. The heart of the audience.

This year, China’s “four major national models” Victoria secrets are on the same stage, which not only shows off the Chinese style, but also makes people shine. Moreover, Victoria’s Secret’s stage construction, large-screen application, and stage design are all breathtaking. This is also a hidden scenery of Victoria’s Secret, which is really beautiful!

The LED display is the most beautiful background of Victoria’s Secret

A large wave of high-value and long-legged beauties hit, lighting, stage beauty, LED display, the entire Victoria’s Secret stage is changed to luminous colors, igniting a fashionable and hot atmosphere.

The use of stage LED floor tile screen in Victoria's Secret

As can be seen from the live pictures, the Victoria’s Secret stage background has applied multiple LED displays, with high-definition precision display, and the effect is excellent.

Behind the Victoria’s Secret Angel, the LED display can easily switch the background display according to the theme. In the first theme of this year’s big show, “Romania”, the Chinese style show, the LED large screen cooperated with the display, showing the magnificent Chinese style characteristics, and the Chinese characteristics once again appeared on the world stage!

Therefore, today’s stage art is no longer a simple setting. In order to achieve a dreamy stage effect, a large number of LED screens are used. In addition to the Victoria’s Secret show, there are also large stages such as the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and LED displays are also widely used.

However, for dancers, stage LED floor tiles still have certain defects. The famous dance artist Yang Liping once said: “During the performance, one of the problems we encountered was the LED screen. We would slip when jumping in dance shoes. So we all danced barefoot, and the stage was still very hot. It’s the degree of hot feet. But the only solution is to jump barefoot.”

It can be seen that the stage LED floor tile screen has insufficient heat dissipation, is easy to get hot, and the surface is smooth, which leads to the problem of hot feet and easy slipping when dancers perform in stage applications. It is also the current stage LED floor tile screen manufacturers most need to improve and solved problem.

It is foreseeable that in the future, the application of stage LED floor tiles will continue to expand. At present, some playgrounds, shopping malls and other fields are also beginning to use stage LED floor tiles.

However, with the gradual expansion of stage LED floor tile screen applications, the defects of stage LED floor tile screens will become increasingly prominent. Only when this problem is completely solved, stage LED floor tile screens can develop more broadly.

This is important for stage LED floor tile screen manufacturers. Certain requirements are put forward. Only by improving product performance and enhancing application effects in future R&D and manufacturing, stage LED floor tiles will go farther and farther on the road of stage display.



The new force of stage LED display–stage LED floor tile screen


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