The main application place of LCD advertisement machine

In the past two years, with the rapid development of advertising, LCD LCD advertising machine has been widely used. Compared with the traditional form of advertising, LCD advertising machine does give us a lot of choice. We can customize the function of LCD LCD advertising machine, so that there will be advertising machine, inquiry machine, FB printer and other multi-functional advertising machine named after the function. The appearance of the LCD advertiser can also be upgraded. Touch all-in-one, network LCD advertising machine, indoor LCD advertising machine, LCD double-sided advertising machine can be customized according to customer requirements.
The following are the main applications of LCD advertising machine:
Shopping center
Advertising machines in shopping centers are usually placed in front of the shopping center or in a more prominent position to show customers their advertising content. Therefore, the advertising model size of large shopping malls is relatively large and the image quality is relatively clear. Make sure ads are displayed well in high traffic situations to better attract customers to stop and watch. Therefore, a large number of enterprises have launched advertising machines suitable for shopping malls, including large vertical LCD advertising machines, double-sided and three-sided advertising machines with strong sense of science and technology, as well as touch all-in-one machines for direct shopping operations. Demand affects the market. In the coming years, advertising machines used by large shopping centers will continue to be innovated and upgraded.
Second, subway/high-speed rail station
We used to ride the high speed train and saw a large vertical LCD advertising machine at each entrance of the station. In high-speed railway stations and other large passenger transport places, we can see the following two kinds of advertisements in high-speed railway stations:
Bricks-and-mortar stores, large and small, line the aisles, or ads for cushions on waiting seats. Any form that can create advertising benefits for merchants will be adopted and applied.
The other is the display category, which includes huge LED screens and also has a small patchwork screen, but high-speed train stations still see LCD advertising machines of different sizes. Because passengers need to wait in line, most advertising machines are placed at the entrance to fully achieve the effect of advertising.
Third, the elevator
We may not pay attention to the elevator we normally take, but if we take a closer look at the elevator, there is always more or less advertising in the elevator. Large space elevator will have a mounted LCD advertising machine, small space may be the poster form, but in general office or business elevator also often see a few small vertical LCD advertising machine, size, generally between 40 to 50 inches, the main target group of these advertising machine is mostly office workers, the contents of advertisements and life, group purchase, travel, how many elements of science and technology.
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The main application place of LCD advertisement machine


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