Do you know the difference between LED sky screen and LED transparent screen?

In recent years, LED canopy has become a familiar term in the industry. Its appearance is macroscopically due to the continuous improvement of social and economic strength and technological level. Its magnificent, shocking and brilliant display effect has enriched people’s vision and made people’s Life is more colorful. Do you know the difference between LED sky screen and LED transparent screen?

LED sky screens are now mostly used on the ceilings of high-end shopping malls.

LED sky screens are generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, urban central squares, large stages and other large buildings on the ceilings. Through the sky screens, people are brought into the world of light and shadow of imagination. The large LED sky screen hoisted on the top of the ceiling is like a brightly colored silk and a bright and deep sky, and is combined with new LED light strips, light strips, projection and other lighting equipment to play a role in lighting and rendering.

However, the use of conventional LED display screens as LED sky screens has a major defect that it will block the light of the sky screen and affect the visual effect of viewing. When it is not bright during the day, the black module panel is installed on the zenith, which affects the aesthetics of the surrounding environment and is located in a relatively closed space.

The use of LED sky screens in the hotel makes the hotel's atmosphere more advanced.

The LED transparent screen is a new high-tech lighting decoration product with high transparency display effect. Its transparency can reach more than 90%. It does not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, and can realize the transparent display effect. . Its stylish high-end, unique design effect image, and natural lighting function, avoiding the space pressure caused by the conventional LED sky curtain during the day when it does not emit light. Whether it is day or night, it will make the audience enjoy it.

In terms of its commercial value, the artistic charm of color and technology, and the ever-changing landscape decorations, large-scale commercial establishments are transformed from dull and monotonous places into powerful attractors with crowds, creating a prosperous and lively scene. Transparent LED displays help customers stand at the pinnacle of the market, intelligently create a unique new value of space, enhance the sense of entertainment and creativity of the shopping center, make the shopping center more competitive than similar competitors, and greatly increase the value of commercial real estate , To generate more revenue.



Do you know the difference between LED sky screen and LED transparent screen?


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