What is the difference between LED grille screen and ordinary screen?

The LED grille screen has a strip, hollow, and light-transmitting product form, also known as curtain screens, curtain wall screens, Maipu brilliant grating screens, etc. Because of its lightweight, small wind load, and flexible installation, it has more for flexible applications, it is usually used for building exterior walls and stage LED rental display screens, etc. It is a new generation of outdoor LED display products, especially suitable for the construction of super large outdoor display screens. Do you know the difference between an LED grille screen and an ordinary screen?

1. Permeability:
Due to the hollow design structure, the LED grille screen has a certain degree of permeability, and the permeability is between 25% and 70%. Ordinary LED display screens are not transparent due to the dense cabinet.

2. Convenient maintenance:
When repairing the LED grille screen, you only need to remove a set of light bars and then replace it, which is simple and quick. When the ordinary LED display is repaired, the entire module or cabinet needs to be removed, which is more troublesome for maintenance.

3. Degree of environmental integration:
Ordinary LED display screen to require a large-scale steel frame structure when building, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, it is opaque, and the black piece when it is not lit will seriously affect the appearance of the building. The LED grille screen is light, thin and beautiful, and has low requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the building. When it is not lit, it has a certain degree of invisibility and is well integrated with the surrounding environment. High permeability ensures the lighting requirements of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, windows, etc., and does not affect the appearance of the building.

The appearance of the LED grid screen.

4. Weight:
The weight of an ordinary LED display screen is more than 30kg/m2. When the screen area is too large, it will be a challenge to the load-bearing capacity of the screen steel structure and the original building structure; while the weight of the LED grid screen is about 15kg/m2, only a small amount of steel is needed. The structure can be installed on the building.

5. Energy saving:
Ordinary LED display screens require a fan or air-conditioning system for heat dissipation due to high lamp bead density and high power consumption, so the overall energy consumption is relatively high. The hollow structure design of the LED grid screen, the use of a safe low-voltage power supply, and reasonable distribution of high-heat components are combined with the influence of these factors, which can save energy by more than 40% compared with ordinary LED displays.



What is the difference between LED grille screen and ordinary screen?


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