The difference between LED and LCD display

LED and LCD display are two completely different light-emitting technologies. The former is a light-emitting diode that emits light, and the latter is a liquid crystal backlight. These two technologies are widely used in mobile phones, televisions, commercial displays and other fields.

LED display screen

Visual effect difference

The LED display screen is composed of several 320mm*160mm (regular size) LED units. No matter the size, it can be spliced ​​infinitely without splicing gaps, so the picture integrity is very good.

The LCD splicing screen is composed of several liquid crystal cells. The commonly used liquid crystal cell specifications are 46 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and the closest unit is selected according to the specifications of the entire screen. Because of the stitching gap, the picture integrity is not very good.

Brightness difference

The brightness of LED is 3500-5500 cd/m2, and the brightness of LCD is 250-1500 cd/m2. The brightness of the LCD screen is low, and it is not suitable for outdoor and indoor use with strong light. The LED display is not limited by the strength of the optical fiber.

Difference in power consumption

The power per square meter of the conventional LED display is about 450W, and the power per square meter of the conventional LCD screen is about 350W. The power consumption per square meter of the LED display in normal use is greater than that of the LCD screen. In certain places, the brightness of the LED display can also be reduced to reduce power consumption.

difference in color reproduction

LED is emitting light through the chip, and the color saturation is high; LCD is backlit by the liquid crystal, which has a general color reproduction, and each liquid crystal cell will have a certain color difference, resulting in a general color.

Image quality difference

For close viewing, such as viewing a screen within 1 meter, the LCD screen has fine picture quality and high definition; the LED display has obvious graininess and average clarity. However, standing at a normal visual distance of 2 meters away, there is little difference in the picture quality between the two. Of course, the clarity of the picture quality is also related to the model of the LED display, and the small-pitch LED display is also very clear when viewed at close range.

Functional difference

In terms of function, the two are only used as a display function, and there is no essential difference. Both have the function of playing videos, pictures, PPT and other materials.



The difference between LED and LCD display


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