The difference between LCD splicing screen and LED HD small-pitch display

Among the current large-screen display products, LCD splicing screens and LED HD small-pitch display are two relatively common products, so people often compare the two.

So, what are the differences between the LCD splicing screen and the LED high-definition small-pitch display? After sorting it out, we found that there are still many differences between the LCD splicing screen and the LED high-definition small-pitch display. Next, we will make a detailed comparison.

The difference between LCD splicing screen and LED high-definition small-pitch display

  1. The appearance of LED high-definition small-pitch display and LCD splicing screen is different

The single-screen appearance of the LCD splicing screen is like a home TV, but considering that it is mainly used for splicing, its frame is very narrow.

The common splicing seams in the market now range from 0.88mm-3.5mm, which is currently limited by technology. There is no LCD with seamless bezels yet. The mainstream ones on the market are 46 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and so on.
The LED display screen is composed of small lamp beads with different specifications and sizes of unit boards. The unit boards are also different according to the distance between the lamp beads.

Then, multiple boards are spliced into a large screen. The display screen is complete and undivided. Intuitive can be distinguished from seamless.

LED HD small-pitch display of mall
LED HD small-pitch display of mall
  1. The display effect of LED high-definition small-pitch display screen and LCD splicing screen is different

The LCD splicing screen uses liquid crystal backlighting technology, so its entire lighting method is more uniform, and the brightness and contrast are more balanced.

It can realize a single-screen 1920*1080 resolution display, and can also realize 4K and point-to-point display. Therefore, the LCD splicing screen we see will be clearer and the screen will not be dazzling.

On the LED high-definition full-color display, all the lamp beads are exposed outside, and maintain a high-brightness display, and because its resolution is determined by the size and spacing of the lamp beads, the resolution must be higher under the same display area.

Lower than the LCD splicing screen, although the resolution can be superimposed to high-definition, it requires a larger display area or a smaller pitch LED screen.

In terms of resolution indicators, although small-pitch LEDs have been making breakthroughs, they still cannot compete with LCD splicing screens.

At present, only LCD screens can achieve 2K popularizations on 55-inch units. In the future, only LCD screens are promising and can popularize 4K. LCD screen.

For small-pitch LED electronic screens, higher pixel density means that the difficulty of stability design shows a geometric base increase. If the pixel pitch is reduced by 50%, the density of the unit board must be increased by 4 times.

This is why the small-pitch LED has broken through the bottleneck below 1.0 pitch, but considering the cost performance, the fundamental reason is that only 3.0-1.5 products are really widely used.

  1. The use environments of LED high-definition small-pitch display screens and LCD splicing screens are different

The LCD splicing screen can only be used indoors because it is composed of many electronic components. Like all electronic products, it is not waterproof, so it is suitable for use in a dry indoor environment, so the LCD splicing screen is multi-purpose It is suitable for fields that require high-definition display and can realize multiple functions such as splicing and segmentation, such as product exhibition halls, meeting rooms, news broadcasting stations, monitoring centers, etc.

The LED display can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is also determined by its special structure. After adding waterproof measures, it can be used in outdoor environments, so it is mostly used in outdoor plazas, shopping malls, etc. for long-distance viewing. Conference hall and other fields.

To sum up, LED screens and splicing screens do not say who is better absolutely. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. To be precise, it should be who is more suitable for a certain occasion.



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