The development of rental LED display

Speaking of the development of rental LED display, it probably dates back to around 2000, so it has been more than 20 years.

Due to the relatively low threshold of the rental market, a large number of manufacturers have poured in in recent years.

In order to receive more market orders and increase the shipment of more display screens, there have been vicious competition problems such as low-cost leasing of manufacturers and products that fail to pass the test.

The vicious competition among manufacturers has led to a general decline in the orders of manufacturers that focus on the rental market, thus putting the entire LED rental screen rental market in a downturn for a time.

With the impact of the new crown epidemic, the global economy has also suffered an unprecedented impact,

the economy has suffered an unprecedented impact, the foreign trade market has shrunk, and the domestic trade market has been in a downturn.

Many industries have also been hit by this wave of epidemics, and a large number of companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Use the rental LED display on the stage
Use the rental LED display on the stage

Of course, the LED display industry has not been spared. Each industry is interconnected, and upstream and downstream enterprises are interdependent.

If the economy is not good, users will not have a large budget to buy high-priced small-pitch display products, and instead will choose less expensive rental displays.

This virtually promotes the increase in orders for the LED rental screen market.

In the past two months, the display rental market has shown a clear signal of recovery, and the rental activities of different types of display screens have become “hot”.

However, the fierce competition in the rental market has not subsided.

How to go about the rental screen market in the second half of the year has become a new problem in the industry.

According to JYLED’s analysis, with the improvement of the global epidemic and the recovery of the economy,

the LED rental screen market may develop in the following directions in the second half of the year:

The development of LED rental display

the development of small-pitch displays.

In the past two years, from the perspective of customers’ requirements for display quality, the more precise the dot pitch of LED rental screens, the more popular, and will inevitably replace 4K display effects in the future, and the corresponding product prices will also be come down.

into more application fields

nowadays rental displays are mainly used in different outdoor places such as:

  • stadiums
  • parks
  • banks
  • securities
  • stages
  • bars
  • shopping malls
  • stations
  • telecommunications
  • monitoring
  • schools
  • restaurants, etc.

The application fields will be more extensive, such as smart factories and smart cities.

Use the rental screen on the outdoor stage
Use the rental screen on the outdoor stage

development of ultra-thin and light display screens

LED rental screens generally have a box of several hundred kilograms, and some have a thickness of 10cm.

These are obviously not conducive to transportation and installation, and affect market promotion.

As display technology matures, LED rental screens will be improved in all aspects and will develop higher quality displays.

develop towards patent protection

Due to the fierce competition in the leasing market, they are willing to lease at low prices in order to grab market orders and expand scale.

Many companies are reluctant to invest money and energy in research and development,

and there have been some cases of technology plagiarism.

Technology competitive advantage, patent protection will become the future development trend.

development of standardization

because there are hundreds of large and small LED rental screen manufacturers,

there is no unified standard for product quality, price, design, and structure, which is relatively chaotic.

Some companies sell at low prices or copy designs, which will make both customers and manufacturers angry, and products will move towards standardization in the future.

The LED rental screen market is in a stage of rapid development. Each rental company has different development scale, product features and product pricing. “Products, good service to every customer.


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