Can the transparent LED display be interactive?

Nowadays, the LED display is gradually expanding in the commercial display market. In many commercial fields, it can be widely seen that the LED transparent display shows different advertising effects in each field, but if I tell you that the transparent LED display can be carried out Interaction, will you be surprised! In some daily […]

Can the LED transparent display be customized?

I believe we have seen many LED displays with different shapes, such as round logo LED displays, DJ horn screens, heart-shaped screens, etc., but we rarely see transparent LEDs with different shapes. Display screen, does the transparent LED display screen support customization into different shapes? The answer is: yes. Like other LED displays, Transparent LED  […]

Is the LED transparent screen the same as the LED glass screen?

LED transparent display and LED glass display are two similar displays in daily life. Many people will not be confused about the difference between the two. Next, HOLA-LED will introduce the transparent LED display. Advantages of the advantages, and the difference between it and the LED glass display. Transparent led display As the name suggests, […]

Multi angle analysis of LED transparent display

With the rapid development of LED displays, the commercial display market has more choices in the types of LED displays, including LED transparent display, which can not only clearly display the output image, but also maintain the image. The objects behind are also presented. Next, we will analyze the transparent LED displays from multiple aspects. […]

Introduction to the principle of transparent LED display

The transparent LED display screen is a very cool device. Due to its unique light transmittance, when the screen is displayed, the scene behind it can also be seen through the screen. Therefore, it has received the love of many consumers. Let’s first understand the reasons for its popularity, and then talk about some of […]