What is the effect of using P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen?

P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen is a novel ground display device customized for stage, catwalk, entertainment and other places. Flexible modular design can realize various environmental applications. Although the domestic P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen can achieve similar interactive effects through pre-set video methods, the scene of the performance is often full of […]

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

LED floor tile screen installation method demonstration As a digital floor display product, the LED floor tile screen adopts a durable die-casting composite structure and a high wear-resistant resin mask, so that it can be directly stepped on the ground. The overall airtight design is adopted and it has obtained the IP68 protection level certification. […]

How does the LED floor tile screen help businesses?

The LED floor tile screen is named because it is a display screen installed on the ground, and it is mainly used in bars, playgrounds, science and technology museums, shopping malls and other entertainment venues. What benefits can the LED floor tile screens used in these places bring to the merchants? Let us take a […]

What are the maintenance methods P3.91 LED floor tile screen?

The LED floor tile screen can use interactive radar to track people’s movement trajectory, and can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects, so as to achieve effects such as actors and audiences walking by, water ripples under their feet, and flowers blooming. Its unique display and interactive effects make floor tile […]

P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen (upgradeable)

The P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen is a common type among many LED display screens. It has the characteristics of compression resistance and earthquake resistance, and it has a very good performance for stage decoration and entertainment interaction. Advanced laminating process Perfect protection of the LED lamp surface to prevent damage to the lamp […]

The principle and design plan of full-color LED interactive floor tile screen

The emergence of interactive LED floor tile screens provides a more novel performance technique for various stage performance creative designs, and is a useful supplement to current LED display equipment. Under the situation that the problem of product homogeneity in the LED display market has become increasingly prominent, the emergence of LED interactive floor tile […]

What is the load-bearing capacity of the indoor P3.91 LED floor tile screen

LED display screens are mostly known to people as outdoor LED advertising screens, LED publicity screens in shopping malls, LED rental screens on the stage, and mobile LED car screens, indoor P3.91 LED floor tile screen,etc. With the development of the display industry, people have not only used LED displays to promote products or services, […]

What are the advantages of LED interactive floor tiles?

With the development of technology, luminous floor tiles that can interact with people appear, and their novel and interesting experience methods are favored by the market. The realization principle of the LED interactive floor tile screen is to set a pressure sensor or capacitive sensor or infrared sensor on the floor tile. When a person […]

Do you know the characteristics of LED floor tile?

Floor tile of the LED screen can be for people to trample

The LED floor tile screen is a novel digital ground display device that uses video synchronization control to achieve high-resolution soft color display effects, completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses high-strength steel Glass mask, strong die-cast aluminum alloy support device. So, do you know what are the characteristics […]