Analysis of LED display and technical advantages

LED display is also called electronic display. It is composed of LED dot matrix. It displays text, pictures, animation, and video by turning on or off the red or green lamp beads. The content can be replaced at any time. Each part of the component is a modular display. Device. It usually consists of display […]

Does the LED display need to be used with an air conditioner?

Often customers will worry about long-term operation after buying an LED display screen, which will cause the LED display screen to become too high in temperature and affect the use of the LED display. So does the LED display need to be used with an air conditioner? With this question, we consulted the senior engineer […]

Can I choose the LED display screen according to the dot pitch?

The dot pitch is one of the important technical parameters of LED displays. We usually talk about P2.5, P3.91, P4.81 and other types of LED displays. In fact, we are also talking about the dot pitch of these LEDs. The dot pitch of the LED display to choose the LED display? I believe this is […]

Dynamic Display Technology and Realization of LED Display

With the rapid development of the information industry, LED display has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long service life, flexible configuration, bright colors, and strong adaptability to indoor and outdoor environments. It has become a bright spot in the modern information society. Sign. In recent years, LED displays have been widely used in industrial […]

How to assemble LED rental display screen?

Rental LED display screen hanging connection method

LED Rental display screen hanging connection method Gallery overview The following is the assembly process of the rental led display screen: Step 1: Fix the hanging bar on the truss, and fix the side lock on the upper part of the cabinet with the hanging bar. Step 2: Connect the left and right side locks […]

What are the top ten brands of LED displays

LED display brands logo

The LED display is a display device consisting of small LED module panels. Like the LCD display, it can be used to display text, images, videos and other information. The current application scenarios vary from large outdoor shopping malls. You can see it in supermarkets and supermarkets. There are many domestic and foreign customers who […]