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Summary Of LCD Screen Problems

Today, the editor summarizes the knowledge about LCD screen problems for everyone, hoping to help friends who love LCD screens.

LCD Screen
LCD Screen

Question one

Missing scratches during use?

Select big brands, have good ability in production process control, have self-developed product testing methods, ensure product quality, and maintain the image of the customer quality system.

Question two

The LCD screen is missing after a period of use?

The main reasons are insufficient design and imperfect control of the production process. Well-known manufacturers have many years of LCD screen experience, rich design experience, and proper management capabilities, and have developed weird development and production methods from them.

It has excellent control ability to stabilize product quality, fully meets the market demand for high reliability of front-mounted vehicles, and of course can also be used in other market environments.

Question three

Uneven display backlight?

Under the condition of high temperature and low voltage driving LCD screen, for this kind of product, it is necessary to have extremely high professional ability to select the raw materials of backlight and strictly control the manufacturing process.

The raw materials include PI/sealant/liquid crystal materials and important factors such as ion pollution control in the manufacturing process, which can meet the use requirements of a wide temperature environment.

Cross-shadowing or ghosting: The main reason is that the driving waveform is incomplete due to the weak driving capability of the IC. The professional ability of ITO design and the power consumption control of LCD can effectively reduce the power consumption between IC and LCD and achieve a good display effect.

Question four

Can’t display in extreme environments, and there is a white screen phenomenon?

Wide temperature, extreme temperature, wide temperature LCD, low operating temperature -40°c, good material combination, and strict process control, can withstand the operating requirements of extreme environments.

Question five

Is the display backlight unstable?

The main reason is that backlight LED chips are affected by the danger of ESD static electricity. Selecting defective LED chips to stabilize product delivery quality, and liquid crystal materials, and control ionic contamination in the manufacturing process can meet the needs of wider temperature environments.

Question six

Large-scale batch display of colors and chromatic aberrations?

LED screen products display high contrast, but the original supplier can’t control it? Before mass production, the boundary samples displayed in production are imported into production. Before the first batch of products is mass-produced, they will focus on control to avoid production disputes and delay customer delivery and quality.

Question seven

Touch capacitive displays have a situation where a touch occurs without a touch.

Without anyone’s touch, the product will move, because the invisible noise interference from the outside causes the product to misreceive the signal, which causes the product to move. In response to this situation, the correction software was adjusted to observe and repair the bad phenomenon for a long time, find out the noise source, and then use the software to debug to solve this problem.

I hope the above seven questions can help you~

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