Small spacing LED display vs mini LED display

According to the LED Industry News, from February this year to now, a large amount of funds have been invested in the field of Mini LED display and micro LED display and the LED related industry chain.

In the field of small LED display, people often ask about the difference between small pitch LED display and mini LED display. So today we will talk about the difference between small pitch LED display and mini LED display.

Micro LED

micro led
micro led

MicroLED is a new generation of display technology, that is, LED miniaturization and matrix technology. In short, it is to thin, miniaturize and array LED backlight sources, which can make LED units smaller than 50 microns, and can achieve the same performance as OLED. Pixels are individually addressed and individually driven to emit light (self-luminescence).

Its advantage is that it not only inherits the characteristics of high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability and fast response time of inorganic LED, but also has the characteristics of self-illumination without backlight, small size, light and thin, and can easily achieve the effect of energy saving.

Mini LED


Mini LED, also known as sub-millimeter light-emitting diode, was first proposed by Epistar, which refers to LEDs with a grain size of about 100 microns or more. Mini LED is between traditional LED and Micro LED. In short, it is an improved version based on traditional LED backlight.

Small pitch LED

stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall
stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall

Small-pitch LED displays have larger dot pitches than the above two, so the price will be cheaper in comparison. At present, there are many small-pitch manufacturers that can manufacture P1.0 or higher, but they can manufacture micro LEDs and mini LEDs. There are very few LED manufacturers of display screens.

“Small pitch is relatively mature, and there is basically no big gap between each factory in terms of technology and process.” The technical director of a large packaging factory said that the market and enterprises need new technologies and new products, especially In the sluggish market environment in the first half of this year, Mini LED/Micro LED is very popular in this environment.

Information learned from market parties shows that starting from the second half of 2019, Mini LEDs will be shipped in small batches in both packaging and downstream display applications, but the total volume and application market are not large. Even the Micro LED display promoted by many manufacturers has only some sporadic applications in individual high-end application fields.

“The fastest growth of Mini products in the first half of the year is mainly the Mini backlight part.” The aforementioned packaging company said that the real market volume is still small-pitch devices, and some models have even experienced short-term supply shortages in the near future.

Hot Mini/MicroLED

“Whether it is an RGB packaging company or a display company, if anyone doesn’t make Mini/Micro LED this year, they will be embarrassed to speak up.” The person in charge of a display company said with a little helplessness, even if many companies are not really doing this. , but will still promote its own Mini/MicroLED planning, strategy, etc.

Some manufacturers also noticed that at several exhibitions held this year, many LED manufacturers exhibited their own Mini/Micro LED packaging products and display products.

At the same time, Mini/Micro LED related projects have also been the main investment for many LED manufacturers to raise funds since the second half of last year.

Small pitch market recovery

Since the advent of LED small-pitch display, with the gradual maturity and improvement of technology and rapid cost reduction, small-pitch display has maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% in recent years.

From 2018, the rapid development of LED small-pitch display has become the main force of LED display growth. At present, the small-pitch display technology, process and industrial chain support are quite mature, and the cost and price are falling rapidly. The small-pitch display has occupied the market space of indoor display.

With the improvement of the domestic pneumonia epidemic situation, starting from July, the LED display market has clearly ushered in a recovery.

“Small pitch has far surpassed LCD splicing in terms of display effect, etc. At present, the cost has been accepted by users, and replacement will be the main battlefield for small pitch display in the next stage.” A sales person in charge of a display company said that although Mini/ Micro LED is popular, but small spacing is the real product.

Some LED manufacturers believe that small pitches are mainly used for dot pitches above P1.0, and Mini/Micro LEDs are mainly used for dot pitches below P1.0. Small-pitch display and Mini/Micro LED should be a coexistence relationship, not who replaces who, each has different target markets.



Small spacing LED display vs mini LED display


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