Selection and characteristics of LED floor tile screen

With the development of economy, the demand for LED floor tile screen is also increasing. But how to choose a reliable floor tile screen manufacturer and floor tile screen company? Some friends may not understand. Now let’s take a look at how to choose a reliable floor tile screen manufacturer.

1) Look at the experience of floor tile screen manufacturers – try to choose manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience in LED display production

You might say that experience does not represent the quality of the product. You are right, it is true that the quality of the products cannot be determined by the experience of the floor tile screen manufacturers. However, a company with more than 10 years of experience, after 10 years of tempering, has sufficient advantages in technology accumulation, production capacity, engineering experience, after-sales service, etc., and this advantage is after ten years. market test.Time is a witness to the high quality of a product.

From another point of view, a company has been specializing in the production and production of LED displays for decades, and it has been prosperous. Doesn’t this also prove the quality and quality of the company?

Shopping mall round LED floor tile screen
Shopping Mall

2) Look at the type of floor tile screen manufacturers – please find manufacturers with their own brands and production plants

The floor tile screen market is mixed. Some companies are called “floor tile screen manufacturers”, but they don’t actually have their own brand floor tile screens, or even have their own production factories. The so-called floor tile screen products are just purchased from other manufacturers, and then sold under their own OEM. This kind of OEM floor tile screen, first of all, the price is not as cheap as the source manufacturer, and then the product quality and product after-sales are difficult to be guaranteed.

3) Look at the case of the floor tile screen manufacturer – the strength verified by the project

This is nothing to say, the case is the performance of strength, and it is also a reference data for us to choose floor tile screen manufacturers. Like HOLA-LED, there are tens of thousands of cases in more than 100 countries all over the world, so it has strong competitiveness in the LED floor tile screen market.

4) Look at word of mouth – do more, but do better
There are many participants in the LED display industry, but not many have the strength in domestic and foreign trade exports and have done well. Not to mention, there are some LED display industries that disrupt the market at extremely low prices. Although there are many projects, the reputation is not very good. Only by insisting on high-quality quality and service can we bring a better reputation.

5) Look at the analysis of the project requirements
The most important thing is the finale condition. Customer is God, customer-centric. Your project needs are an important condition for choosing a floor tile screen manufacturer. Some LED manufacturers, regardless of any installation environment, regardless of material selection, uniform price. Finally, during the installation process, you can change and increase the deduction items at will, which is what we should pay special attention to when purchasing.

The above is the purchase method summed up by HOLA-LED, I hope it can be helpful to you. Next, let’s take a look at some features of the LED floor tile screen.

The LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is an innovative display product specially designed for ground display. The product is specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, anti-fog performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling; Features such as stable display, high load-bearing, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED floor tile screen

The LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is more and more popular among the audience, the stage space will be extended, and the visual effect will be more beautiful. It can be applied to both indoor and outdoor stage backgrounds, and it can also be laid in the guest rest area of ​​commercial complexes, turning tired “walking” into a cheerful “show”, gathering popularity, so as to achieve Internet celebrity check-in. In addition, the floor tile screen can also play traditional advertisements, which can generate advertising benefits and have more vitality.

Product Features

The metal structure of the LED floor tile screen is matched with high-strength wear-resistant fabrics, which can be seamlessly spliced, and has a high load-bearing capacity [1500kg/S (S≥160×160 mm)] fully enclosed heat dissipation structure, reaching IP65 protection level, RGB deep grayscale processing, video Simultaneous display output.

Pad installation: Put the corresponding pads on the floor and place them directly on the unit box. There is no need to install the steel structure and dig the floor.

Quick installation: The use of rechargeable suction cups and fast and accurate installation and positioning technology ensures fast and accurate installation of the cabinet.

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

Wear-resistant mask: The mask is made of high-strength PC composite material, with high wear resistance, anti-UV characteristics, and anti-scratch performance to ensure the display effect.

Stable performance: components adopt distributed layout and modular design, with good consistency and high reliability.

Sturdy and durable: the box body is formed by sheet metal, thickened plate, and the safe bearing capacity is 1500kg/㎡.

Seamless splicing: The foot adopts the function of adjusting the positioning of adjacent cabinets up and down, and the flatness of the entire screen is less than 1mm to achieve seamless splicing.

High protection level: The front and rear protection level of the box is IP65, and there is no fear of wine splashing.

LED floor tile screen application scenarios

LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is widely used in stage performances, event celebrations, exhibition halls, bars and discos and other fields such as:

Stage performances (concerts, cultural evenings, TV shows, etc.);

Event celebrations (weddings, anniversary celebrations, etc.);

Exhibition halls (commercial exhibitions, gymnasiums, etc.);

Bar disco (KTV, music bar, etc.).


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