Rental LED display is booming in the entertainment industry

In recent years, with the rise of the entertainment economy, performance activities have gradually increased and the market has become more diversified. From the original focus on the scale of performances, it has begun to focus on the quality of live performances.

The requirements for stage presentation effects are also getting higher and higher. rental LED display Began to become the “new darling” of stage design for major performances and has been widely used.

Looking at the development trajectory of my country’s LED display rental market, according to market data, the current rental market is in a stage of rapid upward trend, blooming everywhere in the entire Chinese market, and occupying a considerable market share in the LED display industry.

The rapid development of the rental screen market is not only due to the advancement of technology, but also the market demand and policy’s guiding role in the market. At present, with the outbreak of “small spacing” in my country’s LED display industry, the market growth is stable. With the advancement of technology and the overall positive trend and environment, the leasing market is looking forward to a larger and broader space.

The demand for entertainment surges and the market grows rapidly

During the “May 1st” period this year, the national performance market recovered strongly. According to the preliminary statistics of the China Performance Industry Association, there are about 14,000 performances nationwide, the box office revenue of performances is 860 million yuan, and the number of people watching performances exceeds 6 million. 12%.

The performance of the LED display on the stage can be described as “beautiful background, assisting the performance, changing light and shadow, enhancing the atmosphere, flexible and changeable, and integrating the situation”, making the stage full of vitality. The LED display has also become one of the ways of expressing the pursuit of art on the stage.

In addition to the field of stage art, LED rental screens have also been widely used in auto shows, consumer electronics shows, celebrations, conference forums and other fields in recent years. In terms of display effect, the LED rental screen can almost achieve seamless splicing, and according to the creative design requirements of the stage, different sizes, different shapes, and different types of creative stage effects such as canopy screens and floor tile screens can be built to achieve a full range of shocking visual effects shock.

In terms of installation, it supports quick installation and disassembly, reducing time and cost. The rental screen only needs to be fixed and disassembled by bolts, which greatly shortens the installation and disassembly time and saves time and labor costs.

The good visual expression and flexible and convenient installation method of the LED rental screen provide the necessary technical support for information release, and play an important role in achieving the effect of display and publicity.

This year also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of our party. Relevant cultural and entertainment activities have soared. Red parties and red tourism activities are being prepared all over the country. In particular, cultural and creative programs that combine creativity and history have been welcomed by people. In the era of teaching through entertainment, the combination of culture and technology is a mainstream. Historical stories such as the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, climbing snow-capped mountains, and crossing grasslands have become more vivid through technological processing and reappear in front of the audience. The demand for LED rental screens is constantly growing.



Rental LED display is booming in the entertainment industry


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