Flexible LED display screen

Flexible LED cabinet

Special bending properties, so that it broke the traditional LED display screen shape, thus making a variety of strange looks.

●Module size:P1.875 / P2/P2.5/ P3 / P4

Panel Material:Aluminum

Maintain:Front & Rare

Cabinet:2 Row Pin Design For Module

Advantage of flexible LED DISPLAY SCREEN


The use of LED soft module, so that it can be a certain extent of bending

Seamless Display

No matter what the shape of the splicing, are not seen to have any gaps

High Resolution

flexible LED display have higher resolution and deliver superior picture quality.

Easy Maintenance

Just like building blocks, it is very convenient and quick to splicing together

Flexibility of Design

Can be customized into any shape and size to enhance the design of any indoor space.

Best quality

Reliable quality, long using time

detail picture of flexible LED display

A flexible module that can be bent to a certain extent

Full Color Flexible LED Display Module

Used by different types of flexible LED display LED module are also different, generally divided into the following several kinds of soft module

Flexible LED Display Module

Flexible SMD LED Display Module-1

Silicon Flexible LED Display Module

Silicon Flexible LED Display Module

Outdoor Waterproof Flexible LED Display Module

flexible LED display case

The flexible display screen can be used as a display of art, but also can beautify the ceiling, walls and other places, so that the entire space looks beautiful.The following is about some of its application effect.

Undulating flexible display
flexible led display
time tunnel screen

Flexible LED Display Video