Production and Quality Assurance Measures of Bar DJ Profiled Screen P5

Specification modelPH5 indoor LED display
Pixel pitch (mm)5mm
Pixel composition1R1G1B
LED appearanceSMD3528
Scanning method1/16
Screen brightness (cd/m2)S 1500
Average power (W/m2) 340
Maximum power (W/m2 ) 680
Unit board dots (dot)triangle
Module size (mm)triangle
Screen density (dots/ m2 )40000dots
Viewing distance(m)5-250m
Screen weight(kg/m2)35kg
LED drive modeconstant current
Display color17M~69G color
Brightness adjustment256brightness levels
Gray correction256~4096levels
Image adjustmentContrast, tone adjustment, single module highlight adjustment
Refresh frequency300~2440 frames/sec
Frame changing frequency>60HZ
Display interfaceVAG+DVI display card
Display mode640×480、800×600、1024×768、1280×960…1920×1200、2048×640
Control modeLED display and computer display point-to-point correspondence
Transmission distanceCategory 5 network cable≦130M multimode fiber≦500M single mode fiber≦10KM
Video source (optional)TV  VCD DVD
Continuous use time>72 hours
Service life100,000hours
Mean time between failures>10,000 hours
Discrete out of control point <0.01%
Continuous out of control pointnone
Protection gradeindoor IP60~65,outdoor IP65
Operating environment temperature-35℃~+60℃
Ambient humidity for convenience indoor 10~60%   outdoor 10~90%
Triangular display module composition diagram
Screen module arrangement 21 front triangles 15 inverted triangles
Side length resolution192 points × 192 points × 192 points
Side length size1152mm×1152mm×1152mm
Display area0.57㎡
Unit power consumption≤180W
Maximum power consumption of the unit≤350W

One, raw material description:

Well-known LED manufacturers have always been very cautious in the selection of raw materials, usually using foreign imported products and domestic famous products to ensure the quality of the display and long-term stable operation.

Inspection and testing:

1. General

Ensure inspection and experiment requirements to verify the degree to which the product meets the specified requirements, and formulate relevant procedures.

2. Purchase inspection and test

The engineering service department is responsible for the first purchase inspection and quality inspection. The inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the procedure document. In case of urgent shipments under special circumstances, the products shall be marked and recorded accordingly, so that the products can be returned and replaced immediately if problems are found. Generally, products that fail the incoming inspection or test shall not be used.

3, production and debugging

The entire production process strictly implements a modern QC management system, from component screening, printed board production, small board testing, full-screen assembly and debugging, each process is strictly inspected and tested, and the finished product undergoes continuous 48-hour aging. Specific conditions extend the aging detection time, strengthen the system performance, and ensure the reliable operation of various devices.

4, Reliability and maintainability:

The system’s average trouble-free running time is greater than 5000 hours

The service life of the system is greater than 100,000 hours

The system has good reliability and maintainability

background wall LED display

5, Factory inspection:

After the test of the screen body unit board is completed, the entire screen is burned in and simulated test run in the factory, the control, power distribution and software system are jointly adjusted, the entire screen is simulated, and the system is pre-accepted.



Production and Quality Assurance Measures of Bar DJ Profiled Screen P5


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