500*500mm Rental LED display




●Panel Material:Aluminum

●Maintain:Front & Rare

●Cabinet:2 Row Pin Design For Module


High Resolution

Rental LED display have higher resolution and deliver superior picture quality.

Suitable For Ambient

Perfect balance of contrast and brightness that blends 
ambient lighting.

Seamless Display

outdoor led display have no bezels and can deliver a seamless viewing experience

Best quality

Outdoor LED display to perfection the quality

Flexibility of Design

Can be customized into any shape and size to enhance the design of any indoor space.

Easy Maintenance

Just like building blocks, it is very convenient and quick to splicing together

detail picture of rental LED display
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture-3
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture-4
500*500 or 500*1000 Rental LED display to show details
Elegant display effect, amazing
press conference

academic speech

have a party


Nowadays, when watching a performance, the background display behind the actors on the stage has also become a highlight, especially some dance shows, graceful dance performances, and beautiful background renderings, making the audience silent. In this beautiful atmosphere, to appreciate and feel the real dance. For a successful stage performance, the actors and the team behind them are indispensable, but the LED display on the stage also plays an important role, creating a unique stage atmosphere for the entire performance. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of stage performances, the stage LED rental display has also developed rapidly, and the application field has gradually expanded to temporary advertisements, car screens, fashion shows and so on.

So, for such a popular stage LED rental display, what characteristics does it need to have?

1). The box is light in weight

The rental LED display needs to be moved frequently according to different stage locations, and it also needs to be disassembled and assembled frequently, so the lightweight cabinet is a major feature of the rental display. Generally, a die-cast aluminum box is used, and the weight of a single screen can reach 7.5KG, so that even one person can easily carry, install and disassemble. On the other hand, the die-cast aluminum material also has the characteristics of anti-vibration, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and high flatness, and is also suitable for places with harsh outdoor climates.

2). Snap-on box structure

As mentioned above, the stage LED rental display needs to be installed and disassembled frequently, and the snap-on structure can splicing the box more quickly, shorten the installation or disassembly time, and save labor costs.

3). Modular structure design

For the stage rental LED display, frequent handling is inevitable, and some parts will inevitably be lost over time. If the new parts are not replaced, the LED display may not work for too long. In order to ensure that the stage rental LED display can work stably for a long time, it is also very important to facilitate front and rear maintenance, and the modular structure can just meet the requirements of easy front and rear maintenance.

4). Waterproof grade IP65

The stage rental LED display is also sometimes used outdoors, and the outdoor environmental conditions are more complicated than indoors, and it may rain in many cases, such as for a temporary stage, then this LED display needs to be able to To withstand the outdoor wind and rain, the protection level must reach IP65 and above, so that the LED display screen will not enter the water even in the wind and rain.

Basically, the stage rental LED display needs to have the above characteristics. In addition to the above basic characteristics, different LED display manufacturers will design more characteristics according to customer feedback and market needs. For example, the R39 stage rental LED display has the function of current sharing backup power supply and never black screen.

The so-called current sharing backup power supply means that in a large LED screen display, even if one or several of the power supplies are damaged and do not supply power, their adjacent power supplies will automatically supply power to the LED display. In order to achieve the effect of never black screen.

And never black screen means that the screen of the LED display screen will not be black screen due to power failure. It does not mean that the screen will not be black when the screen is turned off. The function of current sharing backup power supply further ensures that the stage performance will not be stopped due to the power failure of the display screen, so that the entire stage performance can be completely displayed to the audience, leaving a good impression on the audience.

The emergence of stage rental LED displays has greatly promoted the diversified development of stage performances, allowing more innovative and shocking performances to be displayed to the audience on the stage, which has promoted the diversified development of artistic culture. Of course, the prosperity of stage beauty has also It also accelerated the innovation and development of stage rental LED displays.

Features of the rental display

1. Light Weight: each cabinet is only 2.4 Kg and can be carried easily

2. Thin: the thickness of cabinet is 85mm

3. High precision: cabinet is processed by CNC. Locating design is unique. Jointing is seamless

4. Reliability: high strength, excellent heat dissipation

5. Fast Assembling: quick lock makes cabinet assembly easy and fast

6. Versatility: Outdoor and indoor is available, can be processed according to module drawing.