Rental LED Display Series​

Rental LED displays are often used in scenes such as stages and exhibitions because they use thin and light die-cast aluminum boxes, which are easy to move and easy to maintain. Commonly used models are P3.91, P4.81 and P5, P6 and other models.

It is applicable to leasing activities with high requirements for installation timeliness and maintenance convenience, such as virtual video capture (XR), high-end stage construction, and led video wall construction for indoor and outdoor activities.

Rental LED Display Series​


indoor rental LED display

The upper and lower buckle mechanism presents a convenient and efficient way to quickly combine the indoor rental led display LED rental cabinet.


outdoor rental LED display

outdoor rental led display p2.604/ P2.976/  P3.9 / P4.8/ p5.95 1920~3840hz Wide viewing angles IP 65 waterproof High Flexilility Magnetic  installation Front Rear service Die