P1.53 Ultra High definition small spacing LED display

The significant development of encapsulation technology on small-size LED enables small pixel pitch LED display showing seamless 2K, 4K, even 8K resolution. Small pixel pitch LED display is now occupying a crucial role in the whole display industry than LCDs.

It is widely recognized as the current best media solution to deliver the ultimate visual performance for traditional market segments like monitor room, control room, boardroom, and TV studio.

Fine pitch LED display has outstanding features such as truly seamless splicing, high refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio and superb image presentations. The market share of fine pitch LED display in these segments is increasing fast because of these great features.

Advantage of Ultra High definition small spacing LED display

Suitable For Ambient

Perfect balance of contrast and brightness that blends with indoor
ambient lighting.

Seamless Display

Indoor led display have no bezels and can deliver a seamless viewing experience

High Resolution

Indoor HD LEDdisplay have higher resolution and deliver superior picture quality.

Easy Maintenance

Just like building blocks, it is very convenient and quick to splicing together

Flexibility of Design

Can be customized into any shape and size to enhance the design of any indoor space.

Best quality

Ultra High definition small spacing LED display to perfection the quality

characteristics of Ultra HD small spacing LED display

Die-cast Aluminum Integrated Molding

Exquisite craftsmanship demonstrates luxury quality, with new die-cast aluminum high-strength materials,
Precision machined by CNC, the flatness of the cabinet is up to 0.01mm

Small-pitch displays can be seamlessly stitched together
16:9 Golden Division Ratio

It can be point to point spliced ​​to the led display fo standard 720P, 1080P, 2160P, 3840P, etc.So it doesn’t matter if it’s 2K HD or 4K HD

nike indoor led video wall
Extra Wide Viewing Angle

360 degrees of clarity,Excellent display at all angles, the picture is pure, no impurities

High Quality LED Display Screen Indoor LED Video Wall
Efficient Heat Dissipation,Ultra-Quiet Operation

High heat dissipation panel processing technology, fast heat dissipation, longer life, no panel burns; natural heat dissipation, no noise, more suitable for indoor applications.

Die-casting aluminum material, good heat dissipation

Parameters of Ultra HD small spacing LED display

Indoor Fine-pitch LED screen
型号 Model  P1.25 P1.53 P1.667 P1.83 P1.86 P2
模组尺寸 Module size(mm)  320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160
模组分辨率 Module resolution (dot) 256×128 208×104 192×96 174×87 172×86 160×80
扫描 Scanning 1/64S 1/52S 1/48S 1/29S 1/43S 1/40S
封装方式 SMD 1G1R1B
维护方向 Maintenance Front
安装方式 Installation Front/Back
箱体尺寸 Cabinet size(mm) 640×480
每平方像素点 Density(dot/㎡) 640000 427716 360000 298116 288369 250000
亮度 Brightness(cd/㎡) 50-700
最大功耗 Max. Power Consumption(W) 600W
平均功耗 Average Power Consumption(W) 200W
箱体重量 Cabinet weight (kg) 10.5KG
箱体材料 Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum
防水等级 IP rate IP 31
灰度 Grayscale  10000:1
刷新率 Refresh rate(hz) 3840
换帧频率 Frame change frequency 50/60hz
水平视角 Horizontal viewing angle >140°
垂直视角 Vertical viewing angle >140°
最佳视距 Best viewing distance >1.3m >1.6m >1.7m >1.9m >1.9m >2m
输入电压 Input Voltage AC110V – AC220V
模组最大电流 Module Max. current 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 4.5-5.5 3.5-4.5 3.5-4.5 3.5-4.5
温度使用范围 Temperature-operating ﹣10℃~60℃
湿度使用范围 Humidity-operating 10%~90%
寿命 Life span (H) ≥100,000
平均无故障时间 MTBF (H) >10,000

Case of Ultra HD small spacing LED display

led display virtual production madrid
indoor LED Video Wall
indoor event rental led screen
p3 indoor led display board 500x500mm
led display HD video wall

Knowledge of Ultra HD small spacing LED display

After reading the introduction of the P1.53 ultra -clear small spacing details, let’s take a look at how to buy, and the issues you need to pay attention to when buying.

From the above content, we can know that the small spacing LED display has high refresh, high gray steps, high brightness utilization rate, non -residual shadow, low power consumption, low EMI, indoor application is not reflective, its lightness is ultra -thin and high accuracy, high accuracy, high accuracy, and high accuracy. Occupy the characteristics of small, mute and efficient heat dissipation in the use of transportation and use.

At present, small -spacing LED display has been widely used in various occasions such as smart advertising machines, stage performances, exhibition exhibitions, event sports, hotel lobby and other occasions. Many customers are considering buying one when they see the relevant display of the small spacing to advertise. So what problems do we need to pay attention to when we buy?

Purchase focus 1: Choose right and not expensive

In people’s traditional concepts, the three spacing, large size, and high -resolution are important elements that determine the small spacing LED display. They believe that it is best to choose. That is to say, in practical applications of small spacing LED display, the smaller the point spacing and the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but to comprehensively consider factors such as screen body size and application space.

stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall
stadium Indoor LED Displays video wall

At present, the small spacing LED display product, the smaller the point spacing and the higher the resolution, the higher the price. If the user is not fully considering its own application environment, it is likely that it will cause a large price but cannot reach the price but cannot reach the price cannot reach it. The dilemma of expected application effects.

In order to consider the application effect and the cost of spending, you can choose more suitable products. Many customers have no concept here and feel that the difference between zero is a few. The price is also very different.

If it is a small spacing between P1.0-P2.0, within the same 1 square meter, every 0.1 mm decreases, the price will rise by 5%-20%, but if it is below P1.0 (excluding P1.0) Then, every 0.1 mm decreases, the price will rise by 50%-500%. Therefore, don’t underestimate the price gap between the distance between the distance.

Purchase focus 2: Screen size

A prominent advantage of a small spacing LED display is “seamless stitching”, which can fully meet the large -size display needs of industry users. However, in practical applications, industry users should consider not only high procurement costs, but also high maintenance costs when choosing small spacing and large -sized products.

Indoor LED Video Wall Display fo Churches
Indoor LED Video Wall Display fo Churches

Although the life of LED lamp beads can be as long as 100,000 hours, due to the high density and the small spacing LED display are mainly indoor applications, the requirements are low, which can easily cause heat dissipation difficulties, which causes local failures. The larger the size of the screen body, the more complicated the maintenance process, and the maintenance cost will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of the display should not be underestimated, and the large -scale display operating costs are generally higher.

Therefore, if the screen is large, you can consider selecting a small spacing of a slightly larger spacing. For example, if the P1.53 small spacing of 10 square meters can be installed in the room is the benchmark. Consider choosing a small spacing of P1.667 or a larger size, thereby reducing the power consumption of the screen and reducing maintenance costs.

Procurement focus 3: Receive and sending of complex signal access

The access problem of multi -signal and complex signal is small spacing LED entry applications. Unlike outdoor applications, indoor signal access has diversified, large quantity, decentralized positions, multi -signal same screen display, centralized management and other requirements. If a small spacing LED display is applied efficiently, signal transmission equipment must not be despised.

indoor led screeen McCune Event at Hilton Blackchip
indoor led screeen McCune Event at Hilton Blackchip

In the LED display market, not all small spacing LED display can meet the above requirements. When buying products, avoid paying attention to the resolution of the product, and fully consider whether the existing signal device supports the corresponding video signal. , Hola-LED focuses on the LED display industry. It has rich R & D and industry solutions for professional solutions.

The small spacing LED display attracts users with clearer details and real screen effects. In the process of buying, customers must comprehensively consider their own application needs, and the best thing to achieve the most desired use effect is the best.