P3.91 indoor high-definition LED  screen is made of 500 * 500mm of die-cast aluminum box with seamless joint.

The guide rail is installed. Simply push the box body into the guide rail and the installation is convenient.

After the box is dismantled, it can be assembled into an LED rental display with a Japanese frame, and it can also be made into a lifting rental screen. 


Suitable For Ambient

Perfect balance of contrast and brightness that blends with indoor
ambient lighting.

Seamless Display

outdoor led display have no bezels and can deliver a seamless viewing experience

High Resolution

Rental LED display have higher resolution and deliver superior picture quality.

Easy Maintenance

Just like building blocks, it is very convenient and quick to splicing together

Flexibility of Design

Can be customized into any shape and size to enhance the design of any indoor space.

Best quality

Outdoor LED display to perfection the quality

characteristics of Ultra HD small spacing LED display

Lightweight design

Fashion profile design, light box body, a single body weight only 7.6 kg.

The thickness of the box body is only 80 mm, convenient installation and save transport costs

Rental LED display cabinet
Seamless stitching

Die-cast aluminum box design, the gap between each box and box only 0.01 mm, can achieve seamless splicing.

And the spliced structure has the localization function, the entire screen is flat without the protuberance. 

After joining together the rental LED cabinet
Leasehold LED display mounted on a steel frame for testing
High Gray and high brush

With the design of the high gray level and refresh, refresh rate is more than 1920 hz, clear picture quality, has incomparable advantages

High brightness and low brightness tests
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture display
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture-2
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture-3
Outdoor P3.91 detail picture-4

Parameters of Outdoor rental LED display screen

户外租赁LED显示屏 Outdoor rental LED screen
型号 Model P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 P5.95
模组尺寸 Module size(mm) 250×250 250×250 250×250 250×250 250×250
模组分辨率 Module resolution (dot) 96×96 84×84 64×64 52×52 42×42
扫描 Scanning 1/32S 1/28S 1/16S 1/13S 1/7S
封装方式 SMD 1G1R1B 1G1R1B 1G1R1B 1G1R1B 1G1R1B
维护方向 Maintenance Front/Back Front/Back Front/Back Front/Back Front/Back
安装方式 Installation Hanging/streching Hanging/streching Hanging/streching Hanging/streching Hanging/streching
箱体尺寸 Cabinet size(mm) 500×500/500×1000 500×500/500×1000 500×500/500×1000 500×500/500×1000 500×500/500×1000
每平方像素点 Density(dot/㎡) 147456 112896 65536 43264 28224
亮度 Brightness(cd/㎡) 800-1200 800-1200/3200-3800 800-1200/3500-4200 800-1200/3500-4200 800-1200/3800-4200
最大功耗 Max. Power Consumption 800 800 800 800 600
平均功耗 Average Power Consumption 400 400 400 400 300
箱体重量 Cabinet weight (kg) 7.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg
箱体材料 Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum Die-casting aluminum
防水等级 IP rate IP31 IP31/IP65 IP31/IP65 IP31/IP65 IP65
灰度 Grayscale 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1
刷新率 Refresh rate(hz) 1920-3840 1920-3840 1920-3840 1920-3840 1920-3840
换帧频率 Frame change frequency 50/60hz 50/60hz 50/60hz 50/60hz 50/60hz
水平视角 Horizontal viewing angle >140° >140° >140° >140° >140°
垂直视角 Vertical viewing angle >140° >140° >140° >140° >140°
最佳视距 Best viewing distance >2.6m >3m >4m >5m >6m
输入电压 Input Voltage AC110V – AC220V AC110V – AC220V AC110V – AC220V AC110V – AC220V AC110V – AC220V
模组最大电流 Module Max. current 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0 6.0-7.5 5.5-7.0 5.5-7.0
温度使用范围 Temperature-operating ﹣10℃~60℃ ﹣10℃~60℃ ﹣10℃~60℃ ﹣10℃~60℃ ﹣10℃~60℃
湿度使用范围 Humidity-operating 10%~90% 10%~90% 10%~90% 10%~90% 10%~90%
寿命 Life span (H) ≥100,000 ≥100,000 ≥100,000 ≥100,000 ≥100,000
平均无故障时间 MTBF (H) >10,000 >10,000 >10,000 >10,000 >10,000

Case of Outdoor rental LED display screen

Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-1
Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-2
Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-3
Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-4
Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-5
Case Of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen-6

Knowledge of Outdoor rental LED display screen

As a popular media tool, the outdoor rental LED display is favored by the majority of users. Because the outdoor rental LED display can be in the form of graphics, animation, and video, as well as real-time synchronization and clear release of various information.

In the face of a dazzling array of LED displays, many users say that they can’t start when purchasing outdoor rental LED displays. Let’s make a brief introduction to the commonly used outdoor LED displays. Customers of LED displays are helpful.

1. Outdoor LED display model

Outdoor rental LED displays mainly include P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, P5.95 and other full-color LED displays. Generally, they are classified according to the dot pitch of the LED display. For example, P2.976 is our two The distance between pixels is 2.976mm, P3.91 is 3.91mm and so on.

A rental display on a minivan

Therefore, the dot pitch is different, and the pixels in each square meter are also different. It is generally believed that the smaller the dot pitch density, the more unit pixels, and the higher the resolution.

2. Installation environment

Because it is installed outdoors, the waterproof structure and waterproof test must be passed to avoid the display screen being burned due to problems such as accumulation of water and rain.

3. Viewing distance

What is the viewing distance, that is, we people generally watch from a few meters away from the screen. For example, the viewing distance of our P2.5976 is 3 meters away, and the viewing distance of P3.91 is 4 meters away. In addition to our LED display model, it also represents our best viewing distance. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor LED display model, the approximate nearest viewing distance must be estimated, so that we can choose a good model.

4. Screen area

The size of the screen is also related to the purchase of our outdoor LED display. In general, if the outdoor LED display does not exceed 20 square meters, we generally recommend using a bracket form. If it exceeds, we recommend using a simple box. Also, if the area of the screen is large, the defect of our closest viewing distance can usually be made up for by the area of the screen, but try not to make up for it in this way.

Temporary outdoor LED rental display

What are the uses of outdoor LED displays? Here are the general uses of outdoor LED displays:

1. Play the video

Outdoor LED displays have the advantages of high brightness, waterproof and dustproof, and stable performance. People like to watch broadcast videos through outdoor displays, which is a kind of enjoyment. At the same time, because more high-quality performance of outdoor LED display is being developed and excavated, people will experience more life enjoyment brought by outdoor LED display in the future.

2. Celebration banquet

Outdoor LED display is a tool for people to convey joy. Proper use of this tool in an open-air banquet can better set off the lively atmosphere of the banquet, and can also convey happiness to people. Therefore, many wedding venues are equipped with LED displays to become the choice of more people.

3. Online communication

Rather than using outdoor LED displays for entertainment, people prefer to use outdoor LED displays to communicate online. Because video calls are very popular now, and the LED display also has a projection function. Therefore, people should rationally use the various resources around them to create greater welfare for their own lives.

When people understand the usefulness of the three conventional indoor LED displays, such as playing videos, celebrating banquets, and online communication, they will definitely feel that reliable indoor LED displays are very helpful to people’s lives. Nowadays, the development of science and technology has also created superior living conditions for more and more people, and it is hoped that equipment such as indoor LED displays can benefit people’s lives.

Outdoor LED display screen installed outside the house

Why choose P3.91 for LED outdoor rental screen?

With the easing of the international epidemic, the economy is gradually recovering, and entertainment activities and outdoor performances are also slowly recovering. Many entertainment activities and outdoor performances need to be equipped with LED outdoor rental displays, which will make the market for LED outdoor rentals. The demand for screens has grown rapidly, and outdoor rental screens will be different from other types of displays in design and structure, such as outdoor fixed LED displays, indoor small-pitch LED displays, and flexible LED displays.

P3.91 LED rental screen is mainly designed for outdoor entertainment and performance activities. Let’s talk about the characteristics of the P3.91 LED rental screen.

LED outdoor rental screen

1). The refresh rate of the P3.91 LED rental display is 3840Hz~6420Hz, which means that it has a high resolution, and the screen display effect is excellent, which can bring a very good visual experience to the audience.

2). The protection level of the P3.91 LED rental display screen is IP65, which can prevent rainwater from entering the box, which is extremely important for outdoor LED screens, because when performing outdoor performances, it is often difficult to avoid encountering rainy days or Storms, the IP65 protection level can prevent rain or even storms from entering the box, protecting the electronic components in the display from damage by rain.

3). The P3.91 LED rental screen has the function of current sharing backup power supply. The so-called current sharing backup power supply means that when the power supply in several displays near an LED display fails and does not work, other adjacent power supplies will not work. It will automatically supply power to its display to achieve the effect of never black screen.

The current sharing backup power supply function is also very important for rental screens. For example, in a performance, even if there is a power failure, the display screen will not be black, which will affect the progress of the performance and the experience of the audience.

4). The P3.91 LED rental screen has a compact structure, the weight of the box is only 7.5KG, only one person can easily complete the splicing and disassembly of the display screen, and it is also convenient for handling and transportation; the product structure is convenient for quick installation or disassembly , with strong mobility.

5). The P3.91 LED rental screen can be easily maintained before and after according to customer requirements, and the power box is also easy to replace. It adopts a modular structure design to avoid too many screws, and it is convenient for customers to replace the components inside the display screen. In order to ensure the long-term use of the P3.91 LED display, it has a longer service life and long-term stable operation.

LED outdoor rental screen

As people’s requirements for entertainment and outdoor performances are getting higher and higher, there will be more and more types of performances. With the help of outdoor LED rental screens, more types of performances can be changed to meet the viewing needs of more different audiences. This also promotes the growing market demand for outdoor LED rental screens.