Creative LED Series Case

We made some Creative LED Series Case

Creative LED display is mainly through the processing of the LED display, so that it can be made with the specific application of the scene to make a variety of different shapes. Most of the creative LED displays need to be made according to specific needs.

Conventional cylindrical, spherical, etc. can generally use flexible LED modules to produce. More difficult conical, irregular polygons need to be built using a special corner cutting process.

Creative LED Series Case Application Scenarios

Jilin Time Tunnel LED display of the museum

Project Description:
The inner arc time tunnel screen adopts hola-LED's customized 1024mm×256mm non-standard box and inner arc arch steel structure, the screen is divided into five sections, each layer is separated by 10cm, and the radius is reduced layer by layer, the splicing difficulty is very big.
Under the persistent efforts of hola-LED engineers, the time tunnel shaped screen with a total area of 266 square meters was finally completed.

Crystal Color Square multi-cone LED display

Project Description:
The project is located at Gpark Crystal Color Square in Xi'an's old city root. It adopts a crystal body LED device of nearly 2,000 square meters, integrating sound, light and electricity high-tech elements, embodied with crystal texture, shocking sound effects, bringing strong visual impact, combined with a large stage design, will meet a variety of future commercial performances, festival celebrations, fashion brand releases and urban romantic dating in Xi'an.

Indoor Horns-Shape Full Color DJ Led Screen Night Club

Pixel pitch:P5mm
Density of pixel:40000dots/㎡
Application scenarios:DJ bar and Night Club