P4.81 LED floor tile screen has appeared on CCTV stage for many times

When we are watching the party, most of our eyes are focused on the actors on the stage, and few people pay attention to the surrounding background. If you pay more attention to check, you will find that whether it is in the CCTV program or in the theme of the Winter Olympics , LED display is indispensable.

Take last year’s autumnal equinox as an example, China ushered in the fourth harvest festival for Chinese farmers. In this year’s harvest festivals across the country, LED displays have also appeared frequently, presenting the most beautiful picture of the country’s harvest and sharing joy to the audience in mainland China.

Foreign customers may not know that for the autumn equinox in China, the wind is bright, the osmanthus is fragrant, and the crab fat and chrysanthemum is yellow. In the traditional sense, the autumn equinox is not only the end of autumn harvesting and winter storage, but also the starting point of spring ploughing and summer planting. It is a very important transition period for Chinese people.

P4.81 LED floor tile screen helps CCTV China Farmers Harvest Festival Gala

On the evening of September 23, CCTV’s 2021 China Farmers Harvest Festival Gala was broadcast on CCTV Comprehensive Channel and Agriculture and Rural Channels. The party celebrated the harvest festival with theatrical performances in the fields and brought sincere condolences to farmers and friends.

The main stage of the party was built at the Chaoshan History and Culture Expo Center, using a 1,100-square-meter stage LED display to create a festive visual feast for audiences across the country. The choreography design is based on “a big boat”, which symbolizes that 56 ethnic groups celebrate the harvest together in the big family of the motherland. The ground of the performance “Big Boat” is paved with P4.81 floor tile screen series, and the harvest images are constantly displayed, making people feel as if they are in a golden field.

The main screen of the stage is made of light P4.81 LED full-color rental display screen spliced ​​together, the display frame is wide, which makes the stage present a very atmospheric visual effect, showing the audience that under the leadership of the party, farmers from all over the world “celebrate the harvest”. , Thanksgiving Party” grand scene. Within three days, the Guangxiang big screen appeared on the CCTV stage twice, and has become a “resident guest” on the CCTV stage!

After a lapse of half a month, the LED floor tile screen is once again in battle

On October 1st, China ushered in the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Central Radio and Television Station devoted itself to creating “Chinese Dream, Ode to the Motherland-2021 National Day Special Program”, and at the party, about 1,000 square meters were provided again. LED display large screen. The colorful stage is used to sing praises to the great motherland, sing the movement of the times, and send sincere blessings to the motherland.

In just ten days, the LED display has shone on the CCTV stage many times, which is not only a recognition of the strength of the LED display, but also shows the wide adaptability of the LED display, which can easily control various application scenarios.

The “Chinese Dream, Ode to the Motherland – 2021 National Day Special Program” was created by China Central Radio and Television Station, using P3.91 high-definition rental LED screen as the main screen of the party, with ultra-high clear picture, stable display and bright colors, Dedicated to the audience across the country a picture scroll of “the journey of a hundred years is going well, and the relay struggles and starts again”. The integration of high-tech audio-visual technology fully bursts out the expressive power of the stage, and the integration of live shooting and virtual audio-visual technology creates an immersive stage effect.

A journey across time and space shatters the barriers of time and space, travels through wind and rain, and witnesses a century of youth. A high-density P4.81 LED floor tile screen is laid on the stage floor. It has a super wear-resistant black tempered glass mask, which is rock-solid, compressive and wear-resistant, making the display of each pixel seem to jump in the air. The aesthetics of the building is integrated with the hard core of science and technology. The sound, scenery and people together convey the power of new China to climb the peak, and the new atmosphere of the new era is laid out.

The ring above the stage uses a P3.91 indoor flexible LED display, which can change the theme with the program. The visual effect of the display is matched with the stage performance, which makes the stage fuller and provides more diverse vision for the performance. Variety. Due to the wide variety of LED displays and their high flexibility, they can often appear in scenes such as stages, bars, and large shopping malls. Large-scale domestic radio and television stations have used LED displays several times in stage performances, and they can also be viewed from the side. Show the power of LED display.

From the well-known large-scale literary and artistic stages at home and abroad, the use of LED floor tiles is very popular. We can see that LED floor tiles have many characteristics that are different from other LED displays. These features are:

  1. Specially designed for the ground: Among all the LED displays, only the floor tile screen is specially designed for the ground. It can make the ground full of technology and make people very fond of it. Moreover, additional interactive equipment can be installed to make The audience is immersed in it.
  2. Fast and flexible installation: Most of the LED display screens require a lot of tools, but the LED floor tile screen can be installed directly without tools, or it can be installed using guide rails.
  3. High load-bearing performance: It adopts high-density aluminum alloy material structure, and the load-bearing capacity per square meter can reach 1.5 tons. Assuming a person weighs 200 pounds, one square meter can withstand at least 15 people jumping on it. And after actual testing, even if a car rolls over it, it is unscathed.
  4. Excellent maintenance performance: It can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent box during maintenance.
  5. High light transmittance design: high light transmittance mask, clear playback effect.
  6. Good effect: excellent low-brightness and high-gray effect, showing uniform grayscale and good consistency.



P4.81 LED floor tile screen has appeared on CCTV stage for many times


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