P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen (upgradeable)

The P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen is a common type among many LED display screens. It has the characteristics of compression resistance and earthquake resistance, and it has a very good performance for stage decoration and entertainment interaction.

LED floor tile screen

Advanced laminating process

Perfect protection of the LED lamp surface to prevent damage to the lamp beads during transportation and disassembly

Put damp and splash water

Easily deal with various harsh environments, and solve the short circuit and lamp bead necrosis caused by the humid environment

LED floor tile screen

Cleaning the screen is more convenient

Since the lamp surface of the LED display has a waterproof effect, it can be cleaned directly on the screen

Save the cost of procurement and make choices easier

An LED floor tile screen can be used as a conventional display screen and a floor tile screen at the same time, making purchasing easier

LED floor tile screen

Maintenance is more convenient

Due to the front maintenance of the floor tile screen, the LED module can be quickly taken out for maintenance in 5 seconds through a special washing tool

P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen Specifications

# Name Value
1Physical point spacing4.81 mm
2LED packageSMD2727
3Module size250×250 mm
4Module resolution52×52 dots
5Physical density43264 dots/㎡
6Box size500×500×65 mm
7Box weight7 KG
8Best viewing distance4 m~20 m
9brightness4500 cd/㎡
10Best perspective Horizontal: 160 °; Vertical: 120 °
11Refresh rate≥1920 HZ

Tips:If there is no special description, the P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen generally does not have interactive functions, so if you need it, you can indicate it in your letter, service email: sale20@sz-ledscreen.com

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P4.81 full-color LED floor tile screen (upgradeable)


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