P2.5P3P4 which resolution is better?

P2.5 LED display, P3 and P4 achieve ultra-high resolution, presenting an impressive high-definition image effect; with high brightness, long viewing distance, ensuring that far areas of the stage or commercial area can be viewed Display screen; recently, many customers are asking which full color LED display P2.5, P3 and P4 is clearer and better?

First, the value behind P is the distance between two pixels or lights (unit is mm), so the point distances of P2.5, P3, and P4 are 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm, respectively. The number of points on the same area, P2.5 is more than that of P3, and P3 is more than P4. For example, there are 160,000 points of P2.5 pixels on an area of 1 square meter, and about 111,111 points of P3 pixels. As long as there are 62,500 points, the smaller the distance, the higher the pixels, and the better the picture clarity. Therefore, P2.5 and P3 display more clearly than P4.

P2.5LED display
P2.5LED display

The smaller the point distance is, the more difficult the production will be. If the unit square pixel increases, the cost will increase, and the price will be relatively improved. Therefore, P2.5 and P3 are more expensive than P4, but this does not mean that P4 is not good, because the screen The larger the point distance on the body, the farther the viewing distance is suitable. Generally, there is a formula Z best viewing distance = point distance/(0.3~0.8), which is an approximate scale. This formula calculates that the suitable viewing distance of the P4LED display is 5-13m, and the viewing effect will be very good within this scale, which is enough to meet the display effect of daily practice. Of course, if P2.5 and P3 LED displays are used, the effect will be very good, but the cost will be higher.

P2.5 display, P3 full-color LED display type: good clarity, the best viewing distance is 2-20 meters, the price is relatively high, and the requirements for pixel/clearness/effect are higher, you can choose these two type.

The P4 full-color display type is the most widely used type in the market now, and it can be regarded as the commonly used Maipu brilliant LED large screen type, with a pixel density of 62,500 dots/square meter, the best viewing distance is 4-20 meters, and the price is relatively P2. 5. P3 has a great advantage. Now many high-definition LED displays use this type.

It is worth noting that the selection of suitable outdoor and indoor full-color LED display must consider the viewing distance, screen area, price and other general factors. It is recommended to choose the display that can meet the daily practice, and the most suitable is the best. .

Will the full color LED display hurt the eyes? High-density full-color LED displays are favored in many occasions because of their unique advantages of high brightness, wide color gamut, and high contrast. At the same time, the photobiological safety of high-density LED displays to the human eye has also received attention. According to the current international standards, the Chinese Academy of Metrology has measured the photobiological safety of a P1.66 high-density LED display from the two aspects of retinal blue light hazard and thermal hazard, and selected plasma TV and LCD TV prototypes As a comparison.

The test results show that, under the same brightness and white field conditions, in the blue light band, although the peak brightness of the Maipu LED display is higher than the other two samples, its narrow band characteristics make the retina obtained after weighted integration. The hazard index is not higher than that of plasma TV and LCD TV. There is no significant difference in retinal photobiological safety measurement data of three different displays. Among the three samples, the measurement effect of LED display is even better than that of the other two displays.

It should be noted that long-term viewing of any display screen may pose a permanent hazard to the human eye. Therefore, no matter what method of full-color display screen is used, the staff must pay attention to eye cleaning and develop excellent eye use. Qi, work and rest, consciously and actively protect eyesight.



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