New power of stage LED display screen — stage LED floor tile screen

Since the successful use of stage LED floor tile screen on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2009, the stage LED floor tile screen has made a new breakthrough in the creative expression of the stage. Since then, the application of floor tiles in stage floor decoration has gradually been recognized, and the application scope of stage LED floor tile screen has gradually expanded to become an irreplaceable display product.

As the stage LED floor tile screen can achieve clear display like the LED large screen, its application on the stage will produce stronger visual effect and improve the visual experience, so it has more applications in studio stage, hotel wedding stage, concert stage, bar T-stage and show stage, especially in Victoria’s secret show last year, LED floor tile screen is widely used as the first choice of catwalk stage.

Stage LED floor tile screen embellishment Victoria show

Victoria’s secret show, as the Oscar in the underwear industry, opened grandly at the Grand Palace in Paris on November 30 last year. The most eye-catching part of the annual Victoria Secret Show is that those international supermodels with graceful posture, dressed in exaggerated and gorgeous custom underwear, stimulate the hearts of the audience with gorgeous stage, dynamic music and the greatest glory in the fashion industry.

Last year, China’s “four big country models” shared the same stage, which not only showed the Chinese style, but also brightened people’s eyes. Moreover, the stage construction, large screen application and dance beauty design of Victoria are amazing. This is also a hidden landscape of Victoria. It’s really beautiful!

LED display screen is the brightest background of Victoria

A large wave of high-value long legged beauties came, lighting, dance beauty and LED display screen changed the luster of the whole Victoria stage and ignited the hot atmosphere of fashion.

As can be seen from the scene pictures, several LED displays are applied in the background of Victoria stage, with high-definition precision display and excellent effect.

Behind the angel, the LED display screen can easily switch the background display with the theme. When the first theme of this show was “the strange fate of the road ahead” Chinese style show, the LED large screen cooperated with the display to show the beautiful Chinese style characteristics, which once again boarded the world stage!

Therefore, today’s stage art is no longer a simple set. In order to achieve a dream stage effect, a large number of LED screens are used. In addition to the secret show, there are also big stages such as CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and LED displays are widely used. However, for dancers, there are still some defects in the stage LED floor tile screen. Yang Liping, a famous dance artist, once said: “one of the problems we encounter during the performance is the LED screen. If we jump in dance shoes, we will slip, so we all jump barefoot. Moreover, the stage is still very hot, which is really hot. But the only solution is barefoot dancing.”

It can be seen that the stage led tile screen has insufficient heat dissipation, easy to get hot and smooth surface, which leads to the problems of hot feet and easy to slip when dancers perform in stage applications. It is also the problem that the stage led tile screen manufacturers need to improve and solve most at present.

It can be predicted that the application of stage LED floor tile screen will continue to expand in the future. At present, some amusement parks, shopping malls and other fields also begin to apply stage LED floor tile screen.

However, with the gradual expansion of the application of the stage LED floor tile screen, the defects of the stage LED floor tile screen will become increasingly prominent. Only by completely solving this problem can the stage LED floor tile screen develop more widely, which puts forward certain requirements for the manufacturers of the stage LED floor tile screen. Only in the future R & D and manufacturing can we improve the product performance and enhance the application effect, The stage LED floor tile screen will go farther and farther on the road of stage display.



New power of stage LED display screen — stage LED floor tile screen


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