Multi angle analysis of LED transparent display

With the rapid development of LED displays, the commercial display market has more choices in the types of LED displays, including LED transparent display, which can not only clearly display the output image, but also maintain the image. The objects behind are also presented. Next, we will analyze the transparent LED displays from multiple aspects.

Basic introduction of led transparent display

The LED transparent display is a special product, a technological product created by humans using visual principles and screens to cooperate with each other. The structure of the light bar of the LED display screen is similar to the blinds, and the lamp beads are distributed in a dot matrix, which makes the product have a unique light transmittance. At the same time, the product also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions, and the installation and maintenance of the product is more convenient than the traditional LED display.

classic series Transparent LED Display

Advantages of led transparent display commercial display:

1. High transparency effect: the dot spacing between transparent screens is different, its light transmittance is between 65% and 85%, while retaining the function of lighting viewing angle, it is almost impossible to see the existence of LED lamp beads in the distance , It will not affect the lighting of the glass curtain wall.

2. Convenient and fast maintenance: indoor maintenance saves manpower and material resources, and is fast and safe.

3. Small footprint and light weight: The thickness of the main board of the screen is only 10mm. After the transparent led screen is installed, it does not take up space, and the weight of the screen is extremely light, and the load on the glass curtain wall is very small.

4. Only a simple steel frame structure is required, which saves a lot of cost: the transparent screen body is light in weight, easy to install, and does not require complex supporting steel structures, which can save a lot of installation costs.

LED transparent display used in shopping malls

The prospect of a transparent display

Since the LED transparent display has entered the commercial display market not long ago, it is still a brand new market field. Such as shopping malls, glass curtain walls, brand chain store glass windows, etc. are all widely used fields. It can make advertising display technology more attractive and give customers an extraordinary sense of science and technology.

Restricted by technology in the past, transparent LED displays could not be used in particularly large scenes, but with the improvement of technology, it is now possible to achieve a very large range of splicing. Therefore, transparent LED displays are expected to occupy more scenes in the future .

LED transparent display manufacturers choose

The led transparent screen is currently aimed at the high-end and professional commercial display market in the market. In these markets, customers have more professional, personalized and demanding requirements. Transparent screens are further segmented products in the market, and more and more product solutions will continue to appear in customization. Manufacturers that can quickly target the professional customized development trend of LED transparent screen products in the commercial display market are competitive. Manufacturers.

As a leading LED display manufacturer, HOLA-LED Transparent LED Display develops and upgrades continuously for optimization. Our products feature high transparency, lightweight, smart control and more.



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