Lusail Stadium LED display wins world’s best

The World Cup in Qatar is full of Chinese elements, attracting a large number of Chinese fans to buy tickets to the tournament.Among them is the most impressive Lusail Stadium LED display.

According to statistics, China has sold more than 7,000 tickets to the World Cup in Qatar by November 14, when a large number of fans will be able to witness the spectacle.

Two Chinese national pandas will appear in Doha before the opening of the World Cup, while the Qatar World Cup final venue – Lusail Stadium by Chinese companies to build.

Russell stadium LED display
Lusail stadium LED display

“The Lusail Stadium is not only an important facility for the 2022 World Cup, but also a historic project that marks the pragmatic cooperation between Qatar and China and deepens the relationship between the two countries.”

Qatar’s Ambassador to China Mohammed Abdullah Al-Dohimi said. The largest stadium in Qatar,

with a capacity of 80,000 spectators, has become a landmark in the country and its image is printed on the newly issued Qatari 10 riyal bill.

The “Project Zero” of the Lusail Stadium has set seven world bests

With a land area of just over 10,000 square kilometers and a population of only 2 million, Qatar has been keen to enhance its national image by hosting sports events for many years.

In 2004, Qatar’s Emir Tamim established the Qatar Sports Investment Company.
In 2006, Qatar hosted the 15th Asian Games and received an enthusiastic response from the international community.
The World Cup, to be held in 2022, is another major breakthrough for Qatar in hosting international sporting events.

Qatar has made a number of efforts to successfully host this globally influential sporting event:

Not only was the World Cup rescheduled for winter, but eight large air-conditioned soccer stadiums were built and renovated,

In particular, the Lusail Stadium, the home of the World Cup, will be a priority.

The Lusail Stadium is located in the new city of Lussel, 20 kilometers from the center of Doha, the capital of Qatar.

When the new crown epidemic first broke out, Doha closed the city for a month.

With the exception of supermarkets and hospitals, all other units will be closed and all units will work at home.

Only a few key projects were required to continue construction, and the Lusail Stadium was one of them.

With key government support, China has lived up to expectations and built the Lusail Stadium into a modern high-tech stadium, one of the seven best stadiums in the world,

from design to construction, Chinese companies provided the whole industrial chain of Chinese solutions, Chinese products and Chinese technology.”

The Lusail Stadium is the largest in seven worlds

  • One: the world’s largest span of double-layered cross-rope network roof monolithic building
  • Two: the world’s largest World Cup main stadium.
  • Three: the most complex World Cup main stadium in the world system.
  • Four: the world’s highest design standard of the World Cup main stadium.
  • Five: the world’s most technologically advanced World Cup main stadium.
  • Six: the most internationalized World Cup main stadium.
  • Seven: the high altitude suspended LED display.

According to HOLA-LED senior engineer, the general use of LED iron box a square meter has 60KG, even if it is relatively light die-casting aluminum also has 36kg.

Will be so heavy products hanging in the tens of meters high in the air,

but also in the hot sun for a long time, the whole process has a large safety risks.

In order to reduce the weight of the entire display and have good heat dissipation,
LED display manufacturers in the production process, changed part of the structure,

so that it is reduced to 19kg per square meter, thus reaching the world’s top level.

After the World Cup, the stadium will be transformed into a community center,
This includes housing, shops, food and eateries, clinics and schools, as well as other municipal facilities.

The upper stands will be converted into balconies for new rooms,

and the removed seats and other stadium materials will be donated to communities that lack sports infrastructure.


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